Athletic Event Parking

Contact the Athletic Department for more details on season sales. There may be some day of event parking available on a first-come, first-served basis in lots farther away from the event venue.

Parking (including accessible parking) for Badger Athletic events (including disabled) is pre-sold by the Athletic Department on a season-basis. For more information, call the Badger Athletic Ticket Office at 262-1440 or 1-800-462-2343.

There is no free disabled parking. We are authorized to charge for parking under State Statute [346.50(2A)].

UW Football (General, Saturday Games)

For a map of game day lots, click here.

Want to ride your bike to the game? Try our free bicycle valet parking service. For more information on bike valet see here. Valet bicycle parking is sponsored by UW Transportation Services and provided by the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin. Corral will be open for bicycle parking from two hours before game start to one hour after the end of the game for UW football game attendees. There is no charge for the valet bicycle parking. Just present your bicycle to a valet attendant. Bicycles will not be locked, but will be secure and watched by attendants (do not leave any other items of value with your bicycle). You will be given a claim check to retrieve your bicycle. All bicycles MUST be claimed by one hour after the game ends or they will be impounded.

The UW Football Bucky Bus runs every 10 minutes for two hours before the game and one hour after the game. The cost is $6 round trip or $3 return trip. For a map of the shuttle route, click here. The last shuttle leaves between 10 PM to 11PM.

Shuttle fixed-route service ends between 10 PM to 11 PM on Saturday night. Last trips leave the Camp Randall area at:

  • Route 2 westbound (University Avenue at Breese Terrace): 10:55 PM
  • Route 2 northbound (University Avenue at Breese Terrace): 10:52 PM
  • Route 6 westbound (Regent Street at Breese Terrace): 10:38 PM
  • Route 6 eastbound (Regent Street at Breese Terrace): 10:40 PM
  • Route 7 westbound (Randall Avenue at Engineering Drive): 10:39 PM
  • Route 7 eastbound (Monroe Street at Regent Street): 10:37 PM (trip ends at Main & Carroll)
  • Route 8 westbound (University Avenue at Breese Terrace): 10:07 PM

Vehicles parked illegaly in University lots used for football game day parking will be ticketed and towed to Lot 64 at the west end of the campus.

UW Men's Hockey, Men's Basketball, and Women's Basketball

Parking for Badger Athletic events is pre-sold by the Atheltic Department on a season-basis. Disabled parking is pre-sold by the Athletic Sept in lot 88. Other disable parking may be available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis in event staffed lots. For more information, call the Badger Athletic Ticket Office at 262-1440 or 1-800-462-2343. Parking maps are linked below.

UW Softball

Parking for home games at the Goodman Diamond complex is free in lots 60 and 76 on Saturdays and Sundays. For Monday-Friday games, parking will be sold in those lots on a first-come, first-served basis.

Athletics Parking Maps

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