Congratulations on your employment at UW-Madison! Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the diverse options you have for getting to and around campus by exploring the links to the left.

Your transportation options for getting to the UW campus include driving alone, carpooling or vanpooling, taking the bus, walking, and bicycling. One of the gems of the UW Transportation Services employee offerings is the employee bus pass program. Bus passes are available at a greatly subsidized cost to UW and UW affiliate employees, to encourage transit use to and from work. The bus pass allows for unlimited rides on Madison Metro Transit buses for eligible employees. Thousands of UW employees obtain a bus pass every year! Find out more information on the employee bus pass webpage.

In addition to selling parking permits and providing an employee bus pass, Transportation Services supplies a suite of services to support your commute including custom transit or bike route planning, emergency ride home program, and carsharing (Zipcar).

UW Health employees: use the UW Health employees webpage for transportation information tailored to your work unit.


    What do I need to do?
  • Decide if you will need a parking permit or if you will take an alternative to driving alone.
  • Explore the links to the left for your parking and transportation options.
  • Need help figuring out your transportation options? Commuter Solutions is here to help! Fill out the Commuter Solutions information request form to receive transportation info customized to your schedule, location and interests.

    Interested in parking?
  1. Review the different types of parking permits available to you.
  2. Before applying or purchasing an annual automobile parking permit (base lot, Flex), you must contact your Unit Transportation Coordinator to be put into the Parking Application System.
  3. Apply for parking if you want a base lot ("every day") or Flex ("pay-per-use") permit; reference the lots that are currently available.
  4. You can purchase an afternoon, night, motorcycle or moped permit without applying, Permit pick-up information
  5. When you are made a parking offer via email, accept and purchase the offer and pick up your permit.