You have options.

As a University of Wisconsin - Madison employee you enjoy many transportation options for getting to and around campus. Our campus has made a committment to limiting the number of parking stalls on campus to approximately 13,000. This is due to space constraints, and a prioritization of buildings and greenspace devoted to advancing our university's mision.

With nearly 75,000 people on campus daily, we greatly value those who choose an alternative to driving alone. Fewer cars translates to less congestion, fewer conflicts, and reduced pollution. Individuals who choose to drive together, whether in a carpool or vanpool, lower their commuting costs and often enjoy their trip to work more than driving alone. To explore your options, read the descriptions below.

Getting to Campus

Getting Around Campus

UW-Madison is a pedestrian-friendly campus. Walking, biking, and taking the free campus bus around campus is strongly encouraged. Often times you'll arrive at your cross-campus destination faster using one of these alternatives than you would by driving. As with all of our alternatives to driving alone, we encourage you to give it a try, and if you have any questions, contact our Commuter Solutions Team.

Supporting Services