E-scooter Policy

This policy defines the process for e-scooter operation and parking on the UW-Madison campus. All e-scooters on campus must have an e-scooter permit and may only park in signed, designated e-scooter parking stalls. E-scooter regulations on campus may differ from those of the surround communities, including the City of Madison and the Village of Shorewood Hills.

Carpool Policy

Carpools are an important alternative to single occupancy vehicles on campus and reduce the demand for parking. A carpool is two or more employees (who qualify for parking on campus, including spouses) who drive to campus together in one vehicle on a daily basis. A carpool with three or more members has a significant impact on lowering the demand for parking on campus and may qualify for a campus carpool permit.

Visitor Parking Policy

Visitor parking on the UW-Madison campus may be available in parking facilities including ramps, garages, and designated surface parking stalls on campus. Visitor parking is any parking in designated campus parking stalls, during hours of control, while being in paid status.

Temporary permits and visitor parking provide flexibility for short-term parking needs of faculty, staff, students, or visitors to campus.

Vendor Permit Policy

Transportation Services offers a vendor permit for commercial businesses or private organizations providing service or conducting official University business to purchase annual parking on campus.
Vendor permits are for vendors who conduct business on campus throughout the year. Vendors who need to park on campus only occasionally should park in the visitor garages/ramps.

Service Permit Policy

A service permit is an option for departments and eligible University affiliates needing access to parking across campus to conduct university business. Service permit intended use is for attending meetings/trainings or delivering items across campus.

UW System/All-Campus Permit Policy

This policy describes the permits UW System President's Office provides to governmental guests and different UW System officials conducting official business on the UW campus that requires use of a personal vehicle.

Student Permit Policy

This policy defines the process by which UW students can apply for parking on campus. Students must meet several requirements, such as commuting from a certain distance from Madison or living outside of a certain boundary from Madison Metro routes. Students with off-campus employment may also be considered.

Sabbatical/Leave of Absence Policy

This policy defines a way to hold annual parking for active UW faculty on an approved sabbatical. UW Transportation Services will not hold parking for faculty who fail to provide the required sabbatical letter prior to leaving campus.