Accidents or Incidents include injuries, collisions, catastrophic weather damage, or vandalism. Repair of age or hard-use deteriorated vehicles, although it may involve body work, is neither an accident nor incident. Accident/Incident reports must be made immediately in order that any involved parties may meet various deadlines for responding to claims. Breakdowns are any other needed repairs.

Look in the vehicle glove box or use the link below to obtain a fresh copy of the Accident/Incident report. Please replace the form in the glove box if you use it, or print one and place it there if it is missing.

DOA Form 6496 Accident/Incident


State owned vehicles are covered by the state's Property and Liability program as administered by UW Madison Business Services Risk Management program. Click here for the Risk Management site

Liability coverage is provided through the State's liability program, and provides coverage for all approved drivers in the course and scope of their employment. Employee injuries while in a motor vehicle are covered under Workers Compensation. Non-employees must rely on their own health insurance to take care of any auto accident related injuries, unless the accident is the fault of a University driver - in which case, the University will be responsible. Since state vehicles do not have "medical payments" coverage, spouses, relatives, etc. are not authorized to ride with a University employee. All passengers in University vehicles must be on official University business at all times.


Obtain needed medical assistance, notify local law enforcement, and request a police report. Report all injuries as soon as possible by voice mail to Risk Management at (608) 262-8926. Be sure to provide your own valid contact information for follow up. Do not make statements to third parties about fault or blame for an accident/incident/injury.

Property Damage (except auto glass damage)

Contact local law enforcement and request a police report. Often, officers will quote a $1,000 or similar damage threshold that triggers the report requirement and attempt to evade writing a report on that basis. Politely, but firmly, challenge them on this! Virtually all crash damage will in fact exceed this amount. If the officer does not initiate a police report, and the damage exceeds $1,000, you will be required to complete and submit a surrogate form called the Wisconsin Driver Report of Accident, DMV4002. This is a long and involved form that hopefully you are not familiar with so it is in your interest to convince the officer to do a police report. In some cases, police priorities will not allow their cooperation but do not be afraid to ask for it.

Report all property damage using the Accident/Incident report within 24 hours. Supervisors are responsible to ensure this deadline is met, including completion of the form if the driver is incapacitated.

Risk Management's office is located at 21 N. Park Street Suite 6101 and the fax number is (608) 262-9082. Record the details of the Accident/Incident while they are fresh, preferably on the Form 6496. Be sure to get the details of any third party's vehicle and contact information and provide your own valid contact information for follow up. Do not make statements to third parties about fault or blame for an accident/incident/injury.

Auto Glass Damage

There is a mandatory state contract for repair of auto glass, distinct from other body repairs. This contract is managed and funded by the Department of Administration Bureau of State Risk Management. End users are not charged a per-incident fee. If you have damaged auto glass, follow the provisions in the mandatory state contract. If you are not familiar with this contract or unable to find the details on it, contact the fleet staff at (608) 262-1307 for assistance.

Breakdown / Malfunction

In general, this section is written assuming that the breakdown/malfunction occurs with a motor pool rental vehicle and traveler. While many elements of how to deal with other situations are the same, not all are. Please contact the fleet at (608) 262-1307 or (888) 777-7181 if you have questions relating to other situations.

If there is a breakdown close to campus of a vehicle leased from the fleet, an exchange for a different car or repairs at the fleet garage will occur as the circumstances dictate/allow. If there is a breakdown far away from campus, the fleet will fund towing and repairs or reimburse allowable and limited expenses. In general, the fleet will reimburse Vehicle expenses, not Travel expenses. For instance, the fleet does not guarantee a traveler's arrival time at a destination. If a malfunction or breakdown occurs, a traveler's lodging, meals, alternate transportation, etc., are not covered by the fleet. The fleet vehicle charges will be suspended/stopped if the fleet vehicle is not useable and the traveler is unable to obtain repairs. Fleet will financially assist in a 'ride home' but not with 'trip insurance'. Unexpected expenses for rental car, hotel, meals, due to delays are not covered by the fleet.

What to do:

First, do what is necessary to ensure your safety. Get away from traffic and contact the authorities if there is an accident. See the 'policies' link at left or above for more on accidents/incidents.

Call the fleet at 608-262-1307 or (888) 777-7181. During business hours, describe your problem to the staff person. After hours, press zero to be routed to a 24 hour call center for repair authorization and payment.

If you are unable to make direct contact with the fleet staff, either obtain repairs and keep receipts or find a safe place to park the fleet vehicle where it can be recovered via tow truck and proceed with travel by other means.

Warning: if you rent a car be sure of the drop-off arrangements. It is your responsibility to comply with drop off policy for rental cars; fleet will not for instance take your rental car back to a destination hundreds of miles away. Inquire with the rental car company about its one-way rental policy and whether or not there is special treatment due to the State of Wisconsin contract.

Fleet will recover its own vehicle via tow-for-hire companies. If you abandon a fleet vehicle you must make every possible effort to notify fleet of the pertinent details of location and so forth as soon as possible.