Photo of a nasty old truck All vehicles are procured and disposed by UW Fleet according to the Department of Administration (DOA) policy and applicable state laws. Departments are not permitted to undertake vehicle procurements independently.

Procurement guidelines are found in published on the state’s Procurement Manual sectionPRO-D-16.

Surplus and disposal guidelines are published in the State Procurement Manual under section PRO-F-1.

Other than vehicles supplied by Fleet, if a university department would like to purchase or lease a vehicle for longer than 90 days, they must have a vehicle to turn in for disposal and/or they must answer a series of questions to be reviewed by DOA on behalf of the Governor. There are no exceptions to this policy, regardless of the source of funds or grant requirements.

Please call the UW Fleet Program Officer at 262-5689 for more information.

State Statute 20.915(1)

"Each state agency, upon written approval of the governor, may purchase necessary aircraft, trucks and automobiles for its general use. All aircraft, trucks and automobiles shall be purchased through the department of administration under ss. 16.70 to 16.82. The department of administration shall ensure that each general fleet passenger automobile at the time of procurement has a fuel economy rating of no less miles per gallon than the fleet average miles per gallon required of automobile manufacturers by the federal government at that time. Law enforcement vehicles and work vehicles for heavy passenger or equipment loads are exempt from the mileage requirement."