Fleet 'T number' billing statements are published in the same way with the same format and the same access on the Internet as the Transportation Services 'TS' number billing and the Physical Plant 'B number' billing. To view the statements...

  1. Click here for the Financial Management portal.

  2. Look in the upper left corner for either the word 'login' or 'logout'. If it's 'login', click on it and enter your Net ID. If it's 'logout' then don't click; look for the horizontal black bar near the top of the page with white text tab names on it.

  3. Click on the 'Billing Search' tab.

  4. Click on the 'New Search' button.

  5. You will navigate through first search criteria and then the desired date range before the search can be run.

  6. Save frequently used search criteria to allow quick re-use in future visits to the Dashboard.

Fleet billing statements are prepared and published on the Internet monthly, on approximately the tenth to the thirteenth depending on the number and complexity of adjustments, and to allow the responsible users to report their monthly miles. Statements are published on the Internet the first business day after they are posted to 3270. Each billing statement is dated the first of the month following the billing period. Example, the statement dated 08/01/2004 is for July 2004 charges and credits. To ensure accuracy in funding, please send updates/questions/requests to the Facilities Planning and Management Finance and Budget staff at fpmbop@fpm.wisc.edu.