Departmental Vehicles
Photo of truck with service body and aerial bucket
'Departmental Vehicle' is the term used by Car Fleet to describe long term leases. These vehicles are assigned to a department for generally longer than one year and are not considered to be available to other Fleet customers for reservations. Departmental assignments are subject to review for required utilization and/or justificationaccording to standards set by the Wisconsin Department of Administration.

After that, though, many things are possible. With justification, a vehicle as humble as a small sedan or as complex and capable as the job calls for can be procured by Car Fleet and leased to a Department.

Fleet must provide mileage records to the Department of Administration upon request.

  • It is the responsibility of the department to keep mileage records and submit them to Car Fleet monthly for all vehicles, whether they may be owned by Car Fleet or owned by a Department.
  • Gas and maintenance may be obtained through UW-Garage (262-3555).
  • Vehicles are titled and licensed through the Fleet office.
  • Copies of titles are available from Fleet.
  • All original titles are kept at the Department of Administration.
  • Vehicle registrations should be kept in the glove compartment of the vehicle.
  • To replace lost, stolen or damaged plates, call 262-1307.