How to become an approved driver:
To become an approved driver, you'll need to submit a Vehicle Use Authorization (VUA) form. A driving record check will be done and, if approved, the driver's name added to the database. If denied, the listed supervisor will receive notice. Be sure to allow at least 10 days for Risk Management to process each form. For Vehicle Use Authorization details and a walk-through instruction guide, visit the Risk Management website.

Complete the VUA form online, use the Wisconsin Fleet Management System site. To login, select your employee type, select your UW campus affiliation, then sign in with your institution credentials (UW = NetID). To search for approved drivers, you must be logged in to the Fleet Management site.

**Out of state driver's license holders and those who have had a Wisconsin license for less than three (3) years must attach special documentation to their VUA form. See the Risk Management website for full details.**

  • Minimum requirements to drive a State Owned Vehicle are established by the state Department of Administration. UW Risk Management has increased the minimum requirements in certain areas. For details, contact UW Risk Management at 262-8926. In the November 17, 2004 DOA Fleet Policy manual chapter 1.1 for the state's minimum driving standards.
  • All occupants are required to comply with the State Fleet Policies and must be on University or State business; no family members, friends, or hitchhikers are allowed as passengers.
  • All drivers must receive authorization from UW Risk Management prior to driving a fleet car.
  • Click here for State policy on driving 15 passenger vans. University policy requires 12 and 15 passenger van drivers to be 25 years of age or older, meet all other requirements, and take the appropriate van training course.
  • The University does not recommend the use of 12/15 passenger vans if other methods of transportation can be used. Rules now stipulate that all drivers must be at least 25 years of age, have completed the appropriate van-driver training course, and meet all other driver requirements. Van training is offered through the Department of Administration but access to the class is handled by the UW Madison Risk Management Office, for more information click here. If you take the class, please inform the Risk Management office of satisfactory completion by mailing or faxing a copy of your van driver training card (fax 608-262-9082). The van driver training expires after three years from date of completion of the class.
  • It is the responsibility of all UW drivers to comply with state traffic laws as well as display common courtesy to others while operating state vehicles.
  • All drivers are personally responsible for citations.
  • Unless the Fleet Manager approves, vehicles...
    • May not transport animals.
    • May not be used to tow, push, or start other vehicles.
    • May not be equipped with storage racks.
    • May not be driven for off-road use.
  • All driving complaints against University drivers are investigated and, based on facts, may jeopardize future vehicle use.