Large Truck
photo of crew cab single rear wheels pickup truck

Click on the photo above for a larger version in a new window. See below for trailer hook up details and photos of various make/models.

Large truck models offered in the pool at this time are "crew cabs" featuring seat belts for five people.

These units are in the pool for two purposes, towing large trailers and/or off road use for research purposes. Instructional off road use is acceptable but towing and research are the primary role for these trucks.

Anything perceived as entertainment, recreation, or junkets are not approved uses of these trucks. Examples would include group camping, skiing, sports, outing trips and the like.

Our responsibility to use public monies wisely requires us to be ever respectful of public perception. We must avoid any hint that we are being less than frugal or using wasteful tools. This requires us to scrutinize the use of these vehicles. Please be prepared when asked, to justify the need for this type of vehicle.

Abuse of the privilege of access to these units in the pool may result in revocation of driving privileges depending on the circumstances.

These units feature electric trailer brake controllers, seven pin wiring hookups, and two-inch square trailer hitch receivers. Users must supply their own trailer, trailer ball, draw bar, and adapter to seven-pin wiring hookup.

Click on the photos below for a larger version in a new window.

photo of 7 pin trailer wire adapter end view
photo of 7 pin trailer wire adapter side view
photo of 6 pin trailer wire adapter end view
photo of htich receptacle and wiring hookups