Minivan Extended
photo of Minivan Extended - Dodge Grand Caravan

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All minivans in the fleet all carry seven people including the driver. Extended minivans, depending on make/model, usually offer both cargo space behind the rearmost bench seat and extra knee room. Carrying seven people leaves limited cargo capacity. Loading the roof or towing are not permitted without advance permission from the Fleet Program Officer.

If your need of a van is for cargo purposes, please send an email to with your reservation number and a request to have the seats removed prior to noon the day before your trip, or as soon as possible, whichever comes first.

A trend has been observed for years in reservation patterns of these vans. These times book up in full up to a year in advance: Spring Break (all), Winter Break (week following the 1st weekend after New Year's Day), the entire Month of May, the entire month of June, the first half of July.

These days book up in full weeks in advance: Friday, every week, almost year long (last 3 weeks of December are usually not fully booked).

Despite booking up far in advance, there is a fair amount of 'churning', i.e. people do cancel. So please do not be afraid to take advantage of the wait list; you may find that you get a van that way frequently.

Please make your plans accordingly.

Extended Minivans currently consist of these makes and models:

Chevrolet Uplander.

Availability of a particular make and model may not be reserved. Assignment of make and model is at the discretion of fleet staff on duty at time of dispatch. When making requests of the fleet staff, please provide them with the reasons for your request so they may make an informed decision.