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UW Madison Fleet - 30 North Mills Street - Lot 50 / Lot 51

The 30 North Mills building contains various Physical Plant and Facilities Planning and Management departments and shops. The parking lot surrounding this building is known as Lot 50 and it is restricted to Physical Plant vehicles only except for stalls marked for fleet customer parking. Fleet travelers must display a permit provided by the fleet office and park in the stalls specifically marked for the purpose. Permits are not issued to travelers unless a reservation for parking has been confirmed in advance. See below for restrictions on permit reservations.

Lot 51 is adjacent to and immediately north of Lot 50. The two lots are separated by an elevation change and a curb. At the ramp between the two lots there are signs describing which lot is which. Do not park in Lot 51 for fleet travel or a citation will be issued.

  • Travelers will not be permitted to park more than six nights.

  • Groups with multiple vehicles to the same destination and/or organized by one central entity/person/club/organization will be permitted one stall per trip for the entire group, not one stall for each fleet vehicle rented.

  • Each stall will require a reservation. There will not be a fee, however there will be a reservation number especially for the parking stall. A traveler with a fleet car reservation and a parking stall reservation will have two reservation numbers. The wait list will be available for parking stall reservations. Stalls on the wait list are not guaranteed. Vehicles parked with no permit or an expired permit may be ticketed and towed. Reservations for parking are obtained the same way that reservations for vehicles are made.

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Fleet Travelers have options for parking their personal car while using a fleet car:

For travelers with trips of six nights or less, subject to availability, make an explicit parking stall reservation.

Travelers who find it necessary or convenient to pay for parking at any location, on campus or off, (airport, private lot, city lot, etc.) may be reimbursed for both parking and transportation to fleet (cab, shuttle, bus) so long as they follow travel guidelines. The University expects to cover actual, reasonable, and necessary costs related to business travel. Receipts are required for parking or cab fares in excess of $25.00. Travelers are expected to take the most cost effective method of transportation from where they parked their car, and park their car in the most efficient, safe, and cost effective location. When possible, the services that Transportation Services provides should be considered first, including discounted bus passes available to all employees and SAFEwalk.

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DOA Fleet - 1704 South Park Street - South side of Madison

Plenty of parking is available; please heed the signs and do not park your personal vehicle in the fleet cars return area.

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