If you clicked here to make a reservation, please be advised that you need to visit Wisconsin Fleet Management System site (opens new window). Select "UW" and your home institution, then log in with your NetID (or other institution log-in info). Make sure you complete a driver authorization form, then you can make reservations. You use the same site to make, view, and cancel reservations.

This system does allow a person to make, cancel and view reservations for someone else, such as a department clerk managing reservations for faculty or students. Anyone with a Net ID can access services, but people who have successfully become 'approved drivers' can make reservations for themselves. Users with a valid NetID can log in and, once logged in, using the last name and drivers' license number of another person, make reservations for any approved driver. Of course, a non-approved driver will not be able to 'reserve for myself'.

Reservations requests can also be sent in via phone, fax or email.
You need to be prepared to supply the following:

  • Driver Name
  • Email Address for confirmation receipt
  • Funding source ('T number' or funding string)
  • Vehicle Type
  • Begin Date and estimated time
  • End Date and estimated time
  • Destination City and State
  • Estimated total miles
  • Number of vehicle occupants

UW Madison Fleet at 27 North Charter Street - The Car Fleet phone line at 262-1307 is frequently busy due to call volume; please do not call if you are able to use the portal to create and manage your reservations. If you are not able to use the portal, email requests to fleet@fpm.wisc.edu or fax to 265-5948. When faxing, be sure to include your contact information as well as all the items above.

DOA Fleet on Park Street - If you wish to rent from DOA, use theWisconsin Fleet Management System site (opens in a new window) for making your reservation. You will need to have your full T number for funding. Consult your department's financial management person to obtain the full 9 digit T number. When the T number is typed into DOA's Account Code box, it must have the prefix "UAC0000000---" in order to work properly. This prefix signals to DOA's billing system that the reservation will be funded by UW Car Fleet. The T number suffix allows Car Fleet to bill your department. Always use 100% for a T number. Any funding splits should be managed by changing the funding on the T number; splits are offered as an option on T numbers. Please write to fleetfunding@fpm.wisc.edu for funding questions.

Cancellation/No Show

UW Madison Fleet on Charter Street - If you decide to cancel your reservation, be aware that you must do so no later than noon the day before the pickup date, or within 30 minutes of making the original reservation. If you do not cancel in time, you will be assessed a No-Show fee. No-Show fees are one day's rental charge for the reserved vehicle.

DOA Fleet on Park Street - Cancellations may be called in at any time. As of January 2017, DOA is charging a $10 No-Show fee.