If a pool vehicle is not available you have several options:
  • Use another fleet's motor pool (Department of Administration pool at 1704 S. Park St.).
  • Use a Departmental Vehicle (a fleet vehicle that is not part of the pool) if one is available to you.
  • Use the University contract for in-state car rental (because the rental originates here, even if you are traveling to an out of state destination).
  • Drive your own car (see reimbursement issues below).
  • Travel on a different day.

    Contact the Fleet Program Officer for help/advice at 262-5689 or fleetmanager@fpm.wisc.edu.

    Use Another Fleet

    To reach the Department of Administration fleet at 1704 South Park Street, dial 266-8757 to inquire about reserving vehicles. The UW Fleet and DOA portal are the now the same site; see the Wisconsin Fleet Management System site (opens new window).

    Departmental Vehicle

    Consult with your department's administrative management to determine if this option is available to you, and/or other departments in your Division/College or inquire with the Fleet Program Manager about referrals at fleetmanager@fpm.wisc.edu.

    Rental Car Contract

    Visit the UW Madison Travel Expense Reimbursement Page for details on how to go about renting a car using the current mandatory contract.

    If You Drive Your Own Car

    If you drive your own car, you have several options for reimbursement:

    You can elect not to claim reimbursement.

    You can claim reimbursement at one of two rates, the 'low rate' and the 'high rate'.

    The 'low rate' owes its existence to State Statute 20.916(4)(e), shown below in quotation marks:

    "When an assigned or pool state-owned automobile is available and tendered to an employee, and the employee exercises the option to use the employee's privately owned automobile on state business, the mileage allowance shall be at a rate equal to the approximate cost per mile of operation of state automobiles, including depreciation, as determined by the secretary of administration."

    The low rate is announced periodically by DOA in the form of a memo signed by the Secretary. In the state's Compensation Plan, Section F, 3.05 (3), the state's rules about determining the low rate or high rate reimbursement are found. Since this is the fleet web site, not affiliated with travel reimbursement, we will not elaborate further except to advise you on documents you must obtain in order to claim the 'high rate', called Non-Availability Slips (NA Slips). Visit the UW Madison Travel and Expense Information page for details on how to go about claiming reimbursement.

    The 'high rate' is set by the Legislature via a special standing committee called the Joint Committee on Employment Relations (JoCER, pronounced like 'joker'). Since the Joint Committee is created by state law and comprised of members from both the State Assembly and State Senate, its actions on this topic have the force of law. The rate is published in the Compensation Plan section F also known as the Uniform Travel Schedule Amounts. UW Madison travelers should view UW policies in the UW Madison Travel and Expense Information page.

    To determine whether or not "an assigned or pool state-owned automobile is available and tendered to an employee", it is presumed that a pool car is available unless a person can show that it was not. NA Slips are documents issued by the fleet to show that a pool unit was not available on a given date. Current rules require Madison based travelers to obtain NA slips from both the UW and DOA fleets or else the 'high rate' for reimbursement is not available.

    Based on motor pool records dated 11/22/2005 and earlier, the occurrence of non-availability at the same time in both UW and DOA fleets is not a common event, absent special cargo or passenger needs. Generally, a car of some kind is available to use. Vans are often fully booked on weekends. The attributes of a trip are important in determining non-availability.

    NA slips

    UW fleet and DOA fleet will generally not issue back-dated NA Slips without clear proof that they were in fact warranted, so travelers should obtain these prior to their trip. DOA will only issue NA slips upon request, dial 266-8757 to inquire about this.

    UW Fleet allows travelers to obtain NA slips for themselves via the web portal. If a given request for a vehicle does not result in a confirmed reservation, the traveler is offered several options. One option is "Send me a non-availability email for this request". By choosing this radio button and clicking on 'submit', an email is sent to the address reported one screen earlier about the trip requested. The email contains a non-availability certification and the details of the trip requested. Each non-availability email is specific to one vehicle type only. Since a traveler must obtain supervisory approval on a Travel Expense Report, they should obtain enough discrete non-availability sheets to show that various vehicle types that may meet the travel requirements are not available. The decision on how many different vehicle types might be used rests with the traveler's supervisor. Alternately, dial 262-1307 to inquire about obtaining a hand written NA slip from UW fleet staff.