Please don't let this happen to you... avoid fatigue, pay careful attention, and drive at a prudent speed for conditions.

Group Travel: when using multiple fleet vehicles to travel to one destination, DO NOT drive the vehicles in a single file 'convoy'. Often, the fleet has experienced 'double damage' due to two fleet vehicles being involved in a collision with each other. This also makes it very difficult for a group to continue travel if that is desired after a collision. Always maintain adequate following distance to all traffic based on conditions; never drive fleet vehicles so close together that other traffic is unable to merge and flow in between. A group that attempts to drive in a convoy will foster the impulse for reckless or overly aggressive driving and road rage in order to prevent other traffic from disrupting the convoy, and needlessly risk the lives and property of vehicle occupants.
Photo of Van after winter rollover accident
  • All crashes/damage of any kind must be reported to Risk Management within 24 hours. An information packet with instructions and a vehicle incident report are located in the glove box or in the DOA Form 6496 Accident/Incident. After hours, the UW Police may be contacted for emergencies.

  • State Fleet Driver Policies November 2004...    Appendix

  • When service work is required on vehicles leased from the fleet, a limited supply of loaners are available for reservation on a first come first served basis. Loaners will be charged by the mile with 20 included miles per day. No show fees and late fees for reserved loaners will apply. Contact the fleet office for a reservation or questions. Loaners for vehicles not owned by the fleet will be billed at the full motor pool rate.
  • A grant or direct charge funding string is required to pay for vehicles. Cash, credit cards and checks are not accepted.
  • Vehicles are reserved from 6:00 AM on the day requested up to 5:59 AM the next day. Rates are by the day; each day begins at 6:00 AM and ends at 5:59 AM. Late days begin at 6:00 AM following the due date and time; they cost the normal daily rental fee plus Late Fees. Late Fees are $4.00 per hour up to a maximum of $20.00 per day.
  • Cancellations may be made up to noon the day before the requested date, or within 30 minutes of the reservation creation if the reservation is created later than noon the day before the requested date. A No-Show fee equal to one day’s charge will apply to reservations not dispatched and not cancelled on time.
  • There is a key drop in Lot 50 on the new Fleet and Service Garage building south wall for after hour returns. Vehicles returned late without prior approval are charged a regular daily charge plus late fees (see above). In the event of an emergency in which a vehicle cannot be returned as scheduled, the driver must contact the Car Fleet office immediately. Please call and/or leave a message, email, or fax.
  • Driving without shoes is not permitted.
  • Keys are not to be left inside an unattended vehicle under any circumstances.
  • Credit cards are issued to University vehicles for vehicle expenses only. No snacks, soda, coffee, etc., are to be charged.
  • Vehicles are expected to be returned in reasonable condition; users are expected to properly dispose of trash and take precautions not to damage or stain the upholstery. Vehicles containing excessive trash or interior damage/stains may result in an appropriate additional cleaning fee based on fleet cost.
  • The University is not responsible for personal items left in vehicles.
  • All driving complaints against University drivers are investigated and, based on facts, may jeopardize future vehicle use.