The November 3, 2004 DOA Fleet Driver and Management Policies and Procedures Manual states in part

"... Drivers are responsible for promptly paying all vehicle citations. Failure to pay parking tickets immediately results in late fees and possible vehicle registration revocation or suspension. The owner agency will pay the amount due upon notice and invoice the driver and their employing agency, which may include extra charges. The responsible driver may be subject to discipline, as determined by the employing agency. ..."

What this means is that written notice of an unpaid citation is sent to a vehicle owner (the Fleet office) along with the threat of title suspension for all vehicles owned. In order that state fleet registrations not be suspended or revoked, citations are paid by the fleet. The charges, along with in some cases administrative fees charged by the fleet, are billed to the agency or program that rented the car during the period the citation was issued. For example, DOA Central Fleet on Park Street has an internal policy of doubling the citation amount in order to both recover administrative costs and provide a disincentive to ignoring the policy.

According to University and State Department of Administration policy, payments of parking citations are considered to be unallowable expenditures. Since University funds cannot be used to pay unallowable expenses, departments are responsible for recovery of charges from those who incurred the citations. If a department is unable to identify drivers who incurred the citations, the person who rented the vehicle is ultimately responsible for payment of such expenditures.

Departments are responsible to reconcile Fleet expense charges with Fleet billing statements and SFS, to ensure proper expenditure of University funds. Upon receipt of any notice of citations or other unallowable expenses such as food purchased with the fuel card, departments are responsible to recover funds from those who incurred them and document the results such that they can be reviewed by Internal Audit or other interested parties.

Other Tickets

Drivers are responsible, as above, for any and all citations other than parking tickets, as well. For instance, if a fleet vehicle has an equipment failure such as burned out light or broken speedometer, the driver is considered responsible for any violations because they drove the vehicle in that condition. The fleet and/or the University are not responsible for driver citations; they may not be reimbursed on the Travel Expense Report or by other means. Drivers should report equipment failures promptly and cooperate in obtaining repairs as needed. The fleet will cooperate in providing documentation of repairs for law enforcement as needed if warning or conditional citations are issued.