Using your own vehicle.

Personal use of a state vehicle - how to pay.

Vehicle Expenses.

Using Your Own Vehicle

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Personal Use of a State Vehicle - How To Pay

  1. If the fleet vehicle goes to a person's residence, check the rules about 'de minimis' use to determine if reimbursement is required. See the Take Home link for this.
  2. If reimbursement is required, determine the number of personal miles.
  3. Using the number of personal miles and the county the employee/student lives in, determine the amount owed.
  4. Prepare a Receipt Deposit Form and deposit the employee/student's check or money order.

If you have questions about how to determine the number of personal miles based on start location, destination, and headquarters, please view these documents:

If you have determined that you owe for personal use and you have determined the number of personal miles, compute the amount owed by multiplying the miles times the rate of $0.325 per mile. Then add sales tax to that amount based on the county you reside in.


  • 100 personal miles x 0.325 = $32.5
  • Dane county tax is 5.5%
  • The amount due is $32.5 x 1.055 = $34.29.

Send an email to with the number of personal miles and which reservation number or other means to identify which reservation to apply the miles. The purpose of this is to record the number of personal miles for the state's fleet database.

Provide to your Department a check or money order made payable to the University of Wisconsin for the amount due.

The Department should treat the reimbursement in the same general way that telephone usage reimbursements are handled, e.g. deposit the funds to class code 2140 using the same fund that paid for the fleet rental.

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Vehicle Expense

The fleet program is not able to make payments to individuals. Travelers who incur expenses that may be covered by the fleet need to claim them via the e-reimbursement process (Click here for the e-reimbursment web site). Departments may in turn request reimbursement from the fleet. Be sure to accurately record the fleet number or other means to positively identify the fleet vehicle that required an expense.

See the Accident/Incident/Breakdown link at left or above for details on what to do in emergencies.

Fleet can use its procurement card to fund repairs if we are able to make direct contact with the vendor in a timely manner.

Your department can use a procurement card to fund repairs and the fleet will make reimbursement.

You can pay and be reimbursed for repairs.

If you are unable to make direct contact with the fleet staff, either obtain repairs and keep receipts or find a safe place to park the fleet vehicle where it can be recovered via tow truck and proceed with travel by other means. Warning: if you rent a car be sure of the drop-off arrangements. It is your responsibility to comply with drop off policy for rental cars; fleet will not for instance take your rental car back to a destination hundreds of miles away. Inquire with the rental car company about its one-way rental policy and whether or not there is special treatment due to the State of Wisconsin contract. Fleet will recover its own vehicle via tow-for-hire companies. If you abandon a fleet vehicle you must make every possible effort to notify fleet of the pertinent details of location and so forth as soon as possible.

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