Transportation Services provides free refurbished bicycles to departments on campus for use by their employees during the work day. The bikes are intended to reduce work-related auto travel within the campus borders. Once transferred to the department, the department is responsible for the storage, maintenance, management and registration of the bicycle. Note that UW System code does not allow the storage of bicycles inside campus buildings, except in places designated for that purpose.

Departmental Bikes are available on a first-come first-served basis. Please fill out the form below in order to apply for a bike. If a bicycle is available we will contact you. If a bicycle is not available at this time you will be put on a wait list.

Note that size refers to who you think will be using the bicycle most often. We will do our best to match the size that you request.
Small = short
Medium = average height or varying heights
Large = tall

Please note that by filling out this form you will be considered the responsible party regarding the bicycle.

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Title / Dept. Role:  
Size of Bicycle: