General Information

Wondering why parking costs what it does? Curious as to where UW Transportation Services invests the money it takes in? Here is a snapshot of the programs and campus improvements that Transportation Services funds. For more information, contact us via the feedback page.

Parking Infrastructure

One of the highlighted goals of the Campus Master Plan is to create more ramp parking in order to free up land for future development. While spatially efficient, these ramps are expensive to construct--a single stall can easily cost $55,000! Due to financial and spatial limitations, the university has capped the number of stalls on campus at about 13,000. With 60,000 people at UW-Madison, clearly not everyone can drive alone. This brings us to a second expense, UW Commuter Solutions.

UW Commuter Solutions

At Transportation Services, we truly value all employees and students who choose not to drive alone to work, including people who vanpool, carpool, bus, bike, walk and/or use a park and ride. By reducing the overall demand for parking, they enable us to meet our charge to cap parking.

In order to encourage folks to use alternative transportation, we offer many commuter solutions to faculty, staff and students. These solutions include the campus bus and discounted employee bus passes, cost sharing through carpool and vanpool parking, comprehensive assistance and route planning for any mode(s) of alternative transportation, and more. For complete information, please see our UW Commuter Solutions page. While these programs do not generate revenue, they enable us to avoid costs by reducing the demand for parking.

Surveys and Reports

Transportation Services continually works to address issues realated to travel to, from and around the campus. Please follow the links below to view our various surveys and reports: