About the Campus Transportation Committee (CTC)

The Campus Transportation Committee (CTC) is a UW-Madison faculty committee which provides advice and recommendations on many budgetary and operational decisions made by UW Transportation Services.

There are many committees which report to the Faculty Senate, however, the CTC is unique in its reach--the decisions weighed upon by the CTC affect nearly everyone who sets foot onto campus. For the Faculty Senate webpage describing committee policies and procedures, visit the Secretary of the Faculty webpage.

CTC Members
Voting Members Representing Email Address
Aaron Crandall Academic Staff aaron.crandall@wisc.edu
Sara Nagreen Academic Staff nagreen@math.wisc.edu
Cameron Scarlett Academic Staff cameron.scarlett@wisc.edu
Beau Burdett ASM bburdett@wisc.edu
George Chen ASM xchen584@wisc.edu
Cullen Vens ASM vens@wisc.edu
Shawn Arneson Chancellor's Appointee sarneson@uwhealth.org
Chris Corrigan (Alternate) ccorrigan@uwhealth.org
Teresa Adams Faculty adams@engr.wisc.edu
Dave Marcouiller (Chair) Faculty dwmarcou@wisc.edu
Peter Van Kan Faculty vankan@education.wisc.edu
Donna Egelski University Staff donna.egelski@wisc.edu
Rachel Maske University Staff maske@wisc.edu
Jerry Moran University Staff jerald.moran@housing.wisc.edu
Non-Voting Members Representing Email Address
Gary Brown Ex-Officio gary.brown@wisc.edu
Patrick Kass Ex-Officio patrick.kass@wisc.edu
UW Transportation Services Peer Review

The UW Transportation Services Peer Review was performed by the following university parking and transportation leaders:

  • Kim Jackson, Princeton University– Customer Service experience and former trainer for IPI
  • Cindy Campbell, Cal Poly State University – 15 years experience in the parking industry and customer services
  • Josh Kavanagh, University of Washington – Alternative Transportation Program and Organizational structure and customer service
  • Casey Jones, University of Colorado - Alternative Transportation Program and Organizational structure and customer service