Contacts by Unit
Unit Transportation Coordinators
Agricultural and Life Sciences Therese McHenry 262-4930
Julie Scharm 262-9812
Arts Institute Staci Francis 890-3794
Athletic Department Jenna Aleo 262-7235
Business Services Pam Frederick 262-1096
Chancellor's Office Phillip Braithwaite 263-0562
Division of Continuing Studies Leanne Morris 890-3337
Division of Enrollment Management
(Formerly Academic Services)
Paula Gates 262-3712
DoIT Jackie Olson 263-4800
Education Melissa Amos-Landgraf 262-4474
Engineering Matt Wornson CoE Facilities 262-8660
Extension Sreekumari Nair 265-9034
Audrey Beckwith 262-9497
Kristina Williston 262-9497
Facilities Planning and Management Mike Loggie 263-3087
General Library System (GLS) Connie Hoisington 262-2600
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education
(Formerly Graduate School Centers and Facilities)
Caitlin Wilhelm 890-4389
Kelly Marks 262-5802
Amanda Allaby 265-1884
Health Sciences

Health Sciences Parking Website

  • School of Medicine and Public Health
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Pharmacy
  • State Lab of Hygiene
  • University Health Services
  • UW Hospital and Clinics
  • UW Medical Foundation
Health Sciences Transportation Team 263-7943
Human Ecology
Natalie Feggestad 262-2931
International Studies Kristine Schutte 262-5804
Marianne Bird Bear 262-1335
Law School Adam Bushcott 262-2240
Letters and Science Kurt Stephenson 265-6706
Nelson Institute Lynn West 263-6435
Chris Uhlir 263-1796
Officer Education Sandra Grimm 262-3411
Recreational Sports Jeff Dvorak 262-8809
School of Business Nancy Andrews 262-1554
State Historical Society Amy Pamperin 264-6414
Students Melanie Smith 263-6667
Sue Thalacker 265-4807
System Administration Diana Trendt 262-1311
Union Julie Medenwaldt 263-3937
University Housing Caleb Georgeson 262-2767
Brenda Krueger 262-6112
Taree Ryan 890-4806
Katie Smart 262-6111
Juli Thomas 262-2308
Ashley Wright-Lannoy 263-7434
UW Police Cathryn Mosher 262-2959
Veterinary School Karlye Wolff 262-6455
Linda Gauer 262-3177
Waisman Center Zoe Blair 263-1656
Jan Torkildson 263-5910
Jody Bleck 263-5900
Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Brenda Anderson 262-5432, ext. 1530
Julia Anderson 262-5432
UW Foundation Caty Ahrens 308-5517