Permit Types for Vendors, Contractors and Evening Parking
Vendor Permits

Commercial businesses or private organizations providing service or conducting official University business may purchase parking on campus.

  • Vendor Permit
    • Permit is valid in Department Service Permit stalls only.
    • Service Permit stalls are located in a variety of garages and lots on campus.
    • There are no refunds for vendor permits. Replacement for a lost/stolen permit will be at a prorated cost. A lost/stolen permit report must be completed and submitted to Transportation Services.
    • Link to Service/Vendor Parking Map here.

  • Vendor Permit Restrictions
    • Vendor permits cannot be purchased by UW faculty, staff or students.
    • Vendor permits are not valid at timed parking stalls, reserved stalls, disabled stalls/access isles, non-metered loading zones, construction areas, on grass, sidewalk or fire lanes or in lots being used for Special Events.

  • The Vendor Service Permit policy and applications are available below:

Construction Permits

Contractors performing work on campus must pay for parking as described in the Construction Permit and Staging Policy .

  • Construction Permit
    • All vehicles (including personal or company vehicles) must display a valid permit when parked on campus outside of a fenced construction area.
    • Permits are not valid at timed parking stalls, reserved stalls, disabled stalls, loading zones, fire zones, service spaces or lots being used for Special Events.
    • FP&M Project Manager provides Transportation Services with a current list of all prime contractors as new projects are approved.
    • All other vehicles used by employees of contractors and subcontractors who are working on campus projects must purchase Temporary parking permits for the time needed (daily, weekly, monthly) from Transportation Services. All vehicles must be legally parked with a valid permit displayed in order to avoid being ticketed or towed.

  • Construction Staging Area
    • Construction Staging Area is defined as a specific and limited area of space used to store construction materials, cranes, or other equipment specifically used on the construction site.
    • Transportation Services and the FPM Project Representative will jointly determine the fenced staging area or construction limits for each project prior to the bid.
    • The contractor will be responsible for repairing parking lots damaged by the project.
    • Construction equipment is not required to display a permit. The definition of construction equipment includes; backhoes, dump trucks, cranes, etc.

  • Construction Permit Reference info

Afternoon Permits

Afternoon permits allow access 2 p.m. to 7 a.m. Monday through Friday. Available for faculty/staff, students and the general public. For complete information, visit our Afternoon Permit Page.