General Information

See the Transportation Services Directory for a complete listing of office addresses and telephone numbers.
For questions, contact the Citation Office or send us an email through our feedback page for questions on:

  • Appeals
  • Car has been towed
  • Citations payments
  • Citations late fees
  • Suspension and past due letters
  • Questions on citations

There are currently two ways to appeal your citation (no over the phone or in-person contestments allowed):

  • Appeals can be completed online. Click here to appeal online. You must have your citation number or license plate information on hand.
  • For a limited time, you can complete a citation appeal form (must pick up from one of the Transportation Services offices) and drop it off at one of the offices. The paper form can alternatively be sent to:
    University of Wisconsin - Madison
    Transportation Services
    PO Box 5323
    Madison, WI 53705-0323.

All appeals must be received no later than 10 calendar days after the date of the citation in order to qualify as a valid appeal.

Contact Field Services for questions on

  • Comments about staff
  • Signage Problems
Malfunctioning Equipment Contacts

See the Transportation Services Directory for a list of contacts to report broken equipment, including:

  • Malfunctioning meter
  • Signage problems
  • Lights out
  • Broken doors


Interact with a malfunctioning gate? You can request a parking refund if you paid the incorrect amount for your transaction. Be sure to black out any bank numbers or sensitive materials on any accompanying information. Click here for Parking Refund Request Form.

Report the following problems to Physical Plant (CARS (608) 263-3333):

  • Elevator problems
Helpful Hints For Parking on Campus
  • Observe signs before you park.
  • Watch for temporarily restricted parking:
    • Bagged meters
    • Special Event parking signs or staff
    • Cones, barricades or fenced off areas