Last Updated: Sunday, August 20, 2017 3:02:42 AM

Campus RegionGarage/RampVacant Stalls 
Central Campus 020 UNIVERSITY AVE RAMP85 Map It
Central Campus 027 NANCY NICHOLAS HALL GARAGE20 Map It
Central Campus 036 OBSERVATORY DR RAMP89 Map It
East Campus 006L HC WHITE GARAGE LOWR74 Map It
East Campus 006U HC WHITE GARAGE UPPR58 Map It
East Campus 007 GRAINGER HALL GARAGE 0 Map It
East Campus 029 N PARK STREET RAMP44 Map It
East Campus 046 LAKE & JOHNSON RAMP163 Map It
East Campus 083 FLUNO CENTER GARAGE32 Map It
South Campus 017 ENGINEERING DR RAMP135 Map It
South Campus 080 UNION SOUTH GARAGE61 Map It
West Campus 076 UNIV BAY DRIVE RAMP179 Map It

    Please note:
  • Refresh this page for the most up to date vacant stall counts.
  • Vacant stall counts are approximate.
  • Please note that the number of vacant stalls can fluctuate quickly.
  • Number of vacant stalls reflect visitor stalls only.
  • Stalls for disabled parkers, and motorcycle stalls are not included in the count of vacant stalls.
  • Vacant stall counts are most accurate during hours of control at each garage. Please see the Lot Information - Locations and Hours page of our website for detailed information.

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