Have more than one workplace?

A business alternate permit allows base lot permit holders to have access to one alternate location/lot to conduct business on campus using their personal vehicle. The employee must work at multiple locations on a regular basis and provide justification for the business slternate when applying for this type of permit.

About Business Alternates
  • A Business Alternate permit may be assigned to UW employees who buy an annual base lot or Flex/PBC permit to allow additional alternate parking to meet their business needs on campus. Your unit transportation coordinator (UTC) must approve your request.
  • Only one business alternate may be assigned.  Refer to the Permit Rates policy for charges.   
  • Business alternates cannot be closer to the applicant's office (as defined by UW mailing address) than their base lot assignment.
  • Business alternates will be assigned on a space-available basis as determined by Transportation Services.
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