Accessible Circulator Shuttle PILOT

The Accessible Circulator Shuttle provides supplemental service to the campus bus for those with mobility issues. Note that as of September 1, 2016 the shuttle will no longer serve private residences or businesses. The shuttle will only serve campus buildings.

For pickup at a non-fixed stop location:

  • Shuttle operates Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. during fall and spring UW class sessions and exam periods. No service on UWholidays, weekends, winter break, spring break or in summer.
  • The shuttle is a small Badger Bus marked “UW Accessible Circulator Shuttle”.
  • All shuttles have a wheelchair lift.
  • Shuttle is intended to supplement campus bus and paratransit service for those with mobility issues, whether temporary or permanent. Service is available to UW employees, students, visitors, and affiliates. No pre-registration is required to use this service.
  • You may board the shuttle at any designated, fixed route stop or call for pickup at another campus building within the service boundary. You may request drop-off at any campus building within the service boundary. Between fixed route stops the shuttle may travel along any path and will not stop at other bus stops. For service to non-campus buildings or locations outside the shuttle boundary, qualifying customers can register for Madison Metro Paratransit Service (
  • When the shuttle approaches, signal to the driver your interest to board if you are able. The driver will exit the vehicle and do a brief check for riders. If you are worried that you may be passed, call the dispatcher to inform them where you will be waiting so the driver can find you.
  • Upon boarding the shuttle inform the driver of your destination and if you require boarding assistance.
  • Please call for pickup at least one hour notice before your desired pickup time. You must provide a 20 minute window for your desire pickup time (10 minutes before and 10 minutes after your desire time). Be aware that it may take up to 30 minutes after your pickup time to be dropped off at your destination.
  • Please be prepared to provide your name, a call back phone number, and desired pickup address/time when you call.
  • • Pre-scheduling of regular rides is encouraged (email for access to a simple pre-scheduling Google Document).
  • Real time shuttle locations are available online or via mobile app. The website is, but you will need to call 608-890-1352 or email in order to obtain a login.
  • Questions or comments regarding this pilot project service can be directed to the Commuter Solutions Team.
  • Service Map

image of accessible shuttle operating area boundaries and stops.  Boundaries are Highland Avenue on the west side of the hospital to the west, Marsh Lane and Lake Mendotoa to the north, a line contiguous with North Frances Street on the East, and on the south the border is Regent street from east campus mall to Lathrop street then lathrop street north to Campus Drive then Campus Drive east to Higland avenue on the west side of the hospital.  Shuttle stops are at the Humanities building, then the Social Science building, then Allen Centennial Gardens, then Elm Drive between Observatory and Linden, then the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery building on Orchard Street between Johnson and University.

Fixed Stop Address Details on Stop Arrivals to this stop every hour on the: First pickup Last pickup
1. Humanities Bldg, 455 N. Park St. Wait in covered walkway at Humanities. May wait inside doors closest to driveway. Pick up is at driveway. 0:10 -- 0:30 -- 0:50 7:30am 6:50pm
2. Social Sciences, 1180 Observatory Dr. Wait by doors, or inside, at corner of Observatory and Charter. 0:15 -- 0:35 -- 0:55 7:35am 6:55pm
3. Allen Gardens, 620 Babcock Dr. Wait in bus shelter on north side of Observatory Dr. 0:05 -- 0:25 -- 0:45 7:45am 7:05pm
4. Ag Engineering 540 Elm Dr. Wait in bus shelter or inside doors on west side of Elm. 0:10 -- 0:30 -- 0:50 7:50am 7:10pm
5. WID Building, 330 N. Orchard St. Wait at coffee shop, in nearest vestibule, or at curb. Pick-up is at pull-out on Orchard. 0:00 -- 0:20 -- 0:40 8:00am 7:20pm

Annual UW Disabled Parking Permit

  • All faculty, staff, and students are required to pay for parking on campus.
  • UW employees and students with a disabled permit from the DOT may purchase a University disabled permit (UW DIS) which allows parking in unreserved permit stalls, unreserved meters or designated disabled stalls anywhere on campus. These are not valid for special events.
  • Faculty/staff and students can apply by contacting their Unit Transportation Coordinator (UTC) to be entered into the permit application system (PAS). A list of UTCs is available in the Contact - Unit Transportation Coordinators page (the student UTCs are listed under “students” NOT under the department in the chart). Once you are in the PAS system you can apply for disabled parking by completing the online application.
  • For restrictions click HERE.
  • University disabled permit (UW DIS) allows parking in unreserved permit stalls, unreserved meters or designated disabled stalls anywhere on campus

Temporary UW Disabled Parking Permit

A temporary UW DIS may be purchased at any Transportation office with a University ID and written notification from a doctor. The temporary UW DIS permit is valid for a maximum period of two months and will not be extended without a State DOT permit. A Temporary Disabled parking application may be printed HERE.

Visitor Disabled Parking

The State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) disabled permits or DIS and VET DIS plates may park in the disabled stalls (unless signs indicate UW Disabled permits are required) and meters (30 minutes or greater) without paying an additional fee. See the Wisconsin DOT website for more information on DOT disabled permits.

Current vacant visitor stalls in UW parking ramps and garages with gates are updated in real time and mapped. The inventory does not indicate specifically if DOT stalls are available in the lots, only visitor parking in general. Click HERE to view the real-time visitor occupancy.

Disabled Moped Parking

Disabled moped permits are available in much the same manner as UW disabled permits are available for cars. Refer to the Disabled Permit Policy for restrictions. One month temporary permits are available for a fee with a letter from physician. Annual permits are available with DOT permit and by paying the annual moped permit fee. Permits are valid in moped stalls only in any moped lot on campus. A disabled moped permit may be requested at any TS office.

Accessible Parking General

Accessible Fixed Route Transit (Buses)

Campus Area Paratransit Service

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 requires public transit agencies to provide paratransit service to persons with disabilities who cannot access the public transit system due to their disability. Paratransit service complements the same area and hours of the city bus system. Riders must fill out an application and be a registered paratransit rider to use this service.

While paratransit service is available throughout the area using your employee or student bus pass, there is a dedicated paratransit vehicle that serves campus.

Accessible Routes

  • Accessible pedestrian routes
  • Internal passageways
  • Accessibility Details for Buildings. See the Interactive Campus Map. Click on the outline of the building you are interested in, then on Accessibility Details in the pop up box.
  • Those with vision impairments or who otherwise are not able to utilize these maps may wish to contact the McBurney Disability Resource Center (students) or the Office for Equity and Diversity (employees) for assistance. Contact information below.

Other Accessibility Resources

Can I talk to someone about my options?

Transportation Services is happy to talk with you about your transportation options or to refer you to an expert with regards to your particular concerns. Email the Commuter Solutions Team or call (608) 890-4542. You can also fill out an information request form.