The less you park, the less you pay.

Flex parking permits represent only about 10% of available parking permits. The program is very popular and regularly fills very early in the application process. Long waitlists are common.

Can you bike, bus, carpool, vanpool, or walk most of time? The Flex parking program is for those few times when driving is necessary. Combine the commute alternatives that work best for you with infrequent driving to save money and improve the campus environment. With Flex, you only pay for when you park and there is no up-front cost. Flex payment is accepted via an automated phone system by a third party vendor called Parkmobile. Approximately 1,500 employees participate in the Flex parking program.

See the following topics for more information about Flex parking:

  • You must display your permit AND pay via phone, web, or mobile app to park lawfully.
  • You are responsible for:
    • being in paid status, during enforcement hours for that lot,
    • using the correct location code,
    • knowing all enforcement hours, and
    • paying for the correct license plate.

Flex Rates

Flex rates are as follows:

Day Time Trip Charge Hourly Charge Max
Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 4:29 p.m. $4 for first 4 hours $1 / hour after 4 hours $8
Monday - Friday 4:30 p.m. - Midnight None $0.75 / hour $3.75
Saturday - Sunday 7 a.m. - Midnight None $0.75 / hour $3.75


On the web or in the mobile app, the system will prompt you to choose the number of hours to park OR to select the daily maximum. If you intend to park 8 hours or more (for sessions beginning before 4:30pm on weekdays OR beyond 5 hours after 4:30pm on weekdays or on the weekends), it is important to select the daily maximum option in order to continue to show in paid status beyond 8 hours. If you instead select 8 hours, you will only show in paid status for 8 hours from the time you start the session. When paying over the phone (not via the app) the system will tell you the maximum number of hours available to park. You should select this maximum number of hours if you intend to park 8 hours or more.


If you pay for parking during the day and have reached your $8 max, you will not have to pay an additional amount to park for the remainder of the evening if you stay. If you begin your parking session before 4:30 p.m.and do not reach your daily maximum, your rate per hour will switch over to the evening rates at the first opportunity after 4:30 p.m.and you will not pay more than the $8 daily rate maximum. If you begin parking after 4:30 will pay the evening rates and you will not pay more than the $3.75 evening rate maximum.


Flex parking is free on State of Wisconsin legal holidays, including January 1 (New Year's Day), third Monday in January (Martin Luther King Jr. Day), last Monday in May (Memorial Day), July 4 (Independence Day), first Monday in September (Labor Day), fourth Thursday in November (Thanksgiving), December 24 (Christmas Eve), December 25 (Christmas Day), and December 31 (New Year's Eve).


As in years past, after 4:30 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends Flex permit holders will be able to park in certain lots that are not their primary lot. If enforcement hours are in effect at the time of parking in a certain lot, Flex customers must be in paid status, display their permit and use the zone code from their primary lot. If a certain lot is free to park in after enforcement hours, there is no need for Flex permit holders to display their permit or be in paid status, as no payment is required. For more information about lot enforcement, please view our Lot Information page.

You are responsible for any charges from your cellular service provider or fees from your credit card company.

Flex Parking Lots and Payment Location Numbers

Click to view the Flex Permit Parking Lot Map

Flex Lot ParkMobile Zone # Garage / Ramp Name
6 25006 HC White Garage
7 25007 Grainger Hall Garage
16 25016
17 25017 Engineering Drive Ramp
29 25029 North Park Street Ramp
34 25034
36 25036 Observatory Drive Ramp
38 25038 Microbial Sciences Garage
39 25039
41 25041
46 25046 Lake and Johnson Ramp
51 25051
59 25059
60 25060
62 25062
64 25064
75 25075 UW Hospital & Clinics Ramp
76 25076 University Bay Ramp
82 25082
83 25083 Fluno Center Garage
91 25091
95 25095 Health Sciences Garage
Disabled 25099

How to apply for Flex parking

Currently, there is more demand for Flex parking permits than there is available spots in the program. You may place your name on the waitlist for Flex parking at anytime during the parking year.

  1. Contact your Unit Transportation Coordinator (UTC) who will enter you into the permit application system (PAS).
  2. Obtain your NetID and password if you have not already. Visit the Help Desk and search for “NetID” to obtain instructions.
  3. Log on to the Permit Application System.
  4. Click on the “Permits” tab and select “Apply” from the pull down menu. Click on the permit dates that you wish to apply for.
  5. Click on the yellow pencil next to “Apply for Baselot”. Select “Flex” from the pull down menu for permit type. Select the appropriate lot from the pull down menu next to the “Select Lot” field.
  6. Complete the Flex application. Click on “Save” to return to the application.
  7. Remember to click on the “Submit Applications” button to complete your application. An email confirmation will be sent to you indicating your new application and lot choices.
  8. In order to park with Flex, you must be offered and accept a Flex parking assignment. You will then be sent instructions for how to register with the mobile payment vendor) or click here for instructions).

Waitlist and Lot Transfer Applications (follow directions above, and . . . )

  1. Indicate Flex Parking in appropriate lots for some or all of your preferences. New applicants or those with no current UW parking may indicate up to 4 lots for their waitlist. Those with current UW parking assignments may indicate one waitlist choice.

Assignments are made based on:

  • Supply of available spots
  • Demand for those spots, and
  • Priority numbers assigned by the UTC for each unit

Pre-Tax Option

Flex parking can be paid for using pre-tax funds. TASC currently administers this program. You will need to enter UW-Madison’s employee ID to enroll in the Commuter Benefits program. UW-Madison Employer ID: 4607-6190-4348. For more information please click here.

NOTE: The commuter debit card offered by TASC CANNOT be used to pay for flex parking. You must submit a reimbursement claim for flex parking expenses.

Account Registration Instructions

After you receive confirmation of your Flex parking assignment and before the first time you park, you must create an account for mobile payment.

Click here for Parkmobile registration.

Flex Permit Pick-up and Return

Flex permits will be held for pick up at our WARF office (610 Walnut St, Room 124). Permits held for pick up will be available AFTER 11 a.m. the business day AFTER ordering.

How to Park with Flex
  1. Arrive at your assigned lot.
  2. Display your Flex parking permit from your rear view mirror with the color picture facing out through the windshield.
  3. Pay via mobile payment, using ParkMobile: click here for instructions.

Lot Locations and Hours

Flex customers must be in paid status during hours of enforcement for the lot in which they are parked. It is your responsibility to know when lots are enforced and where you are allowed to park. For complete locations and hours click here. .

Canceling your Flex Permit

If you are leaving the Flex program, please return your parking permit and a completed parking cancellation form to a UW Transportation Services office.

Flex Contact Information

Phone: 608-263-6666
Campus Mail: Flex Program, Room 124 WARF, 610 Walnut Street

Flex Parking Resources

ParkMobile website

Parkmobile customer service: 877-727-5457 or For urgent matters (or a more timely response), it is recommended to call.