Moped Visitor Parking

Gated Facilities

For safety reasons, mopeds are not allowed in gated facilities at any time. Any mopeds in gated facilities may receive a citation.

Mobile Payment

Moped visitor parking requires payment during posted times. All moped visitor parking options on campus make use of mobile payment through a third party vendor called Parkmobile. Payment at these locations is accepted via phone, website, or smartphone app.

Before parking for the first time, you must create an account with Parkmobile. Follow the directions below.

For step-by-step instructions on using Parkmobile, follow the link below.

Mopeds must be in paid status during times lots are controlled. The mobile payment provider will not charge for parking during times the lots are not controlled. Lot control times are listed on the lot entrance signs or you may go to the lot locaton and hours page for addition information.

Moped Visitor - Allowed Locations

Moped parking is restricted to designated moped lots, mobile pay stalls, or temporary permits sold for vehicle stalls. Designated moped lots on campus require a permit during the hours of control which are 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday - Friday.

Outside the hours of control moped lots are available to any moped without payment or permit. Hours of control in moped lots are not suspended for holidays. Parking without a permit during hours of control on a holiday or weekday may result in a citation.

The options for moped visitor parking during the hours of control are mobile pay stalls or temporary permits. For temporary permits see the daily and half day parking page. For mobile pay stalls see above.