Information to help you park on campus successfully.

See the Transportation Services Directory for a complete listing of office addresses and telephone numbers.

For questions, contact the Citation Office or send us an email through our feedback page for questions on:

  • Appeals
  • Car has been towed
  • Citation payments
  • Citation late fees
  • Suspension and past due letters
  • Questions on Citations

There are currently two ways to appeal your citation (no over the phone or in-person contestments allowed):

  1. Appeals can now be done online. This is the preferred method of citation appeal.
  2. You may complete a citation appeal form at any of our offices.

Contact Field Services for questions on:

  • Comments about staff
  • Signage problems
Malfunctioning Equipment Contacts

See the Transportation Services Directory, for a list of contacts to report broken equipment, including:

  • Malfunctioning meters
  • Signage problems
  • Lights out
  • Broken doors

Report the following problems to Physical Plant (CARS (608) 263-3333):

  • Elevator problems
Helpful Hints For Parking on Campus:
  • Observe signs before you park.
  • Watch for temporarily restricted parking:
    • Bagged meters
    • Special Event parking signs or staff
    • Cones, barricades or fenced-off areas
  • Always keep some coins in your car for meters.
  • Allow yourself extra time to find parking.
  • If your vehicle becomes disabled, it is your responsibility to have it removed.
  • Make sure your hangtag is visible:
    • Hangtag should be hung on rear view mirror.
  • Do Not Park ...
    • contrary to signs
    • at any yellow curb
    • in a fire lane
    • in bus stops
    • on the grass
    • against traffic
    • on or near railroad tracks
    • more than 12 inches from the curb
    • at "bagged" parking meter without proper permit
    • a vehicle that leaks gas, oil or antifreeze
    • within 10 feet of a fire hydrant
    • anywhere that is not a marked stall
    • with your flashers on
  • Special Notations
    • Transportation Services does not honor any handwritten or typed notes on meters or vehicles. Any malfunctions, problems or questions must be called into the office.
    • Some areas on campus are enforced at all times regardless of the time listed at the entrance of the lot. Such areas include: no parking areas, disabled stalls and aisles, fire zones, department stalls, grass, sidewalks and driveways.
    • Vehicles parked illegally or improperly displaying their permit will receive a citation.