Citation payment and appeal information.

State Statute 36.11(8) (8e) gives Transportation Services the authority to regulate and enforce parking on all UW property.

How to make payments

There are currently three payment options accepted by Transportation Services:

  1. Payments can now be done online using your MasterCard or Visa using our Quick Tools - Pay Ticket page.
  2. Visit one of our Transportation Services Offices to make your payment in person.
  3. Mail your payment to:
    • University of Wisconsin - Madison
      Transportation Services
      PO Box 5323
      Madison, WI 53705-0323
How to Appeal a Citation
  • Citations may be appealed online no later than 10 calendar days after the date of issuance of the citation to qualify as a valid appeal. If you are not able to appeal online for some reason, you may fill out a paper citation appeal at any of our offices within the same period. For auditing purposes, we do not discuss appeals over the phone or in person.
  • A cash bond (in the amount of the citation) or payment must* be submitted with the Citation Appeal. Appeals will not be accepted without payment. *Citation customers with a valid UW Wiscard/UW Health ID or affiliate ID may submit the appeal without bond payment.
  • An administrative review of a citation will be completed within four weeks (30 days) of receipt of a valid appeal. If the citation is upheld, the bond amount will be forfeited. If the citation is dismissed, the bond amount will be returned.
  • Please review the Citation Appeal Policy on our policies page.
Important appeal information.

Please review the Citation Policy on our policies page.

    Circumstances not considered valid for an appeal include:
  • Couldn't find a legal parking space
  • Didn't know policies or regulations
  • Didn't see posted restrictions
  • Couldn't find a convenient parking space
  • Had four-way flashers on
  • Didn't have money or change
  • Didn't have enough time to park properly
  • Just "dropping off" or "standing" for a short time
  • Will never do it again