Q: I am a new employee. How do I apply for parking?

A: New employees should contact their Unit Transportation Coordinator (UTC) so they can be added to the parking priority list. Once you have been added to the list, you can apply for parking online here. Click on "Permit Application System" and then follow the prompts to apply for an annual permit.

All employees must have a NetID and Password to apply for parking. To get a NetID, go to https://www.mynetid.wisc.edu/activate.

Q: I have a new vehicle. What do I have to do with my permit?

A: If you have a new vehicle but are using the plates you already have registered with Transportation Services, you do not need to do anything. If you have a new vehicle and new plates, please register your new plates with Transportation Services.

  1. From our Update Permit page, click on the eBusiness portal link.
  2. Click on the Manage My Parking Account link
  3. Click on the Employee or Student Login button and enter your NetID and password
  4. Click on the Manage your Vehicles link
  5. Add or delete your vehicle plate numbers as necessary
  6. Log out and close your browser

Q: I am leaving campus. How do I cancel my payroll deductions?

A: In order to cancel your payroll deduction, you need to complete our Parking Assignment Cancellation form and return your permit to one of our Transportation Services offices. Once your permit is returned, your payroll deduction will be stopped. Until you have returned your permit to us you are still liabel for payment of the permit.

Q: I am a permit holder and my lot is full. What do I do?

A: Park in the next available non-gated lot and fill out our online lot full form. Until you have completed both of these steps you are at risk of getting a ticket.

Q: How do I appeal a citation?

A: Citations can be appealed either by coming to one of the three Transportation Services customer service desks or can be appealed online. If you are not a student or an employee of the University, in order to appeal a citation you must first pay for the citation and then file an appeal. Payment creates a bond. If your appeal is successful, the citation amount will be refunded to you. Appeals need to be made within ten days of when the citation was written. Click here to appeal online.

Q: How do I report cleanliness or maintenance issues in a lot or ramp?

A: You have three options. You can call the Transportation Services maintenance voicemail at 263-3079, you can email us at lot-maintenance@fpm.wisc.edu, or you can fill out a lot maintenance request form.

Q: Can I get my parking validated when parking at the UW Hospital and American Family Children's Hospital?

A: The UW Hospital validates parking for Clinic and Outpatient Surgery Patients at information and registration desks in the UW Hospital and the American Family Children's Hospital. In-patients are entitled to one parking pass when admitted, and they decide to whom the pass should be issued. This parking pass serves as their validation while the pass is valid (effective on the day of admission and renewable at no charge should it expire before discharge). All other need to pay for their parking at the hospital ramps.