The following Transportation Services forms are available for your convenience.

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Carpool Permits


  • Citation appeals can be filled out online. For a paper form, please stop into one of our offices.

Department Permits

UW Transportation Services Department permits are available for purchase with the following forms:

  • Department Limited
    • One permit (on hangtag) for use on multiple vehicles. The cost of the permit is equal to the lot rate.
    • Please use the Department application to apply for a Departmental Limited Permit.

  • Department Reserved
    • This provides a way for UW Departments to secure a "reserved" parking stall (24 hours/day, 7 days/week) in a specific lot/ramp with a specific stall assigned. A sign will be installed by Transportation Services restricting the use of the stall to the Department that purchases the stall.
    • Please use the Department Reserved Application to apply for a Departmental Reserved Permit.

  • Department Service
    • Permit is valid in Service permit stalls only. The permit may be displayed and used in any department or personal vehicle.
    • Service permit stalls are located in a large number of garages and lots across campus. Click here to view a map showing the location and number of Service permit stalls per lot or here for a spreadsheet with the total number of service stalls by lot.
    • Please use the Department application to apply for a Departmental Limited Permit.

  • Value Permits
    • These permits allow UW Departments to purchase and reserve parking for their guests who will be parking on campus. Value permits can be purchased for multiple days. Guests will use the Value permit to enter and to exit the parking lot. The purchasing department will be charged $12 per permit, per day, which guarantees a parking stall in the indicated lot. Please visit the Event Parking website for more information. The order form can be found on this page.

  • Validation (hourly, first come, first served parking)
    • Guests will pull a ticket on entry to the parking lot. Departments provide the Validation to the guest. In order to exit the lot, guests will insert their parking ticket and then the Validation to activate the gate. The purchasing Department will be charged the actual hourly parking cost. Validations may only be used once. Guests who do not have a Validation will be required to pay with cash or credit card to exit the lot. Validations can be used in any of the lots equipped with a gate access system. Please use our Validation online request form to purchase.

Disabled Permits

Employment Opportunities

Permit Customers

Bus Passes

Student Parking

TS Numbers - How to Apply and Use to Purchase Permits

UW Hospital - Inpatient Visitor Pass

Vendor Permit - Please fill out the following form:

Visitor Parking