Parking lots on campus

The 2017-18 Campus Parking Map show the lots and hours of control.

The West Campus Parking Map shows a close-up of the lots available near UW Hospital.

The Parking Lot Redesignation Map shows the lots and their designation in the six-year plan to condense the rate categories.

The Flex Permit Parking Lot Map shows the lots where Flex Parking Permits are available.

The Timed Parking Map shows the lots where timed visitor parking is available.

The Accessible (Disabled) Stall Map shows the lots where DOT Accessible and UW Accessible parking is available.

Looking for Motorcycle or Moped parking?

Motorcycles on campus must display a valid UW Motorcycle Parking Permit and can park in designated Motorcycle stalls.

The Motorcycle Stall Map shows the locations of motorcycle stalls located around campus.

Mopeds on campus must display a valid UW Moped Parking Permit and park in a designated moped parking stall.

The 2017-18 Moped Stall Map shows the numbered moped parking lots associated with each permit for the 2017-18 permit year.