Free Bicycle Parking

Bicyclists have a number of options for parking on campus.

  • Bike racks are located near almost every building and sheltered parking is located near the entrance of some parking ramps and some buildings with overhangs.
  • Sheltered secure bike lockers and bike cages are available to rent on a semester or annual basis.

  • It is important to park only in bicycle racks.
  • Illegally parked bikes obstruct walkways and present serious hazards for people who use wheelchairs, canes, walkers, or who have other mobility or visual difficulties. Please don’t park your bike in the line of travel to stairs, ramps, doorways, and automatic door-buttons.
  • Bikes locked to trees can cause serious damage to or even kill a tree. Please help keep the campus beautiful by not locking your bike to trees or shrubs.
  • Illegally parked bikes are subject to impoundment. Bike racks (except those at residence halls) are not intended as long-term storage areas.
  • If you are consistently having problems finding a parking spot, please fill out our suggestion form to let us know.
Paid Bicycle Parking

Bicycle lockers and cages may be available for rental.

Football Game Bicycle Valet Parking

Want to ride your bike to the game? Try our FREE bicycle parking corral. For more information on the bike corral click HERE. The bicycle parking corral is sponsored by UW Transportation Services and provided by the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin using Sari racks. . The corral will be open for bicycle parking from two hours before game start until one hour after game end for UW football game attendees. There is no charge for the bicycle parking corral. A corral attendant will greet you and provide instructions for parking your bike. You should bring a lock to secure your bike, but the corral area will also be watched by attendants (do not leave any other items of value with your bicycle).