Bicycle Registration

Registration is the Law Madison City Ordinance 12.78(1) requires all bicycles used within the city’s boundaries to be registered with the Madison Police Department unless they are currently registered with another municipality. Registration fees are $10.00 for four years. All unregistered bicycles are subject to fines up to $45.00.

    You can register your bicycle:
  • Online through the City of Madison
  • Via mail-in form available through the City of Madison
  • At any Madison bicycle retailer

  • More City of Madison bicycle information available HERE.
Benefits of Registering Your Bicycle

For further questions about registering your bicycle, call the City of Madison’s bicycle program office at (608) 266-4474 or the University of Wisconsin’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator at (608) 263-2969.

Bicycle Identification:

If your bike is stolen, its serial number is needed in order to aid police in its recovery. When a bike is registered with the Madison Police Department, the serial number can be cross-referenced with the bike owner's name, and acts as an independent proof of ownership. Recovered bicycles that are not registered have less chance of being returned to their rightful owners, since proof of ownership is often more difficult.

Theft Deterrence:

Thieves may be less likely to steal a bike with a registration sticker since its owner can easily be identified. Stolen registered bicycles are posted on both statewide and nationwide crime computers.