Transportation Services at UW-Madison administers a carpool program for faculty and staff. Carpooling is one way we support our mission of providing innovative transportation solutions while reducing single occupancy vehicles on campus. Hundreds of employees are saving money, lowering emissions and reducing traffic congestion by carpooling every day.


Two options are offered for carpools. The first option is to register your carpool. The second option is to apply for a carpool permit (for carpools of 3+)

  Option 1: Carpool Registration   Option 2: Carpool Permit Application
  1. Parking: One member of the carpool must have an annual base lot parking permit. This person is considered the “captain” and is responsible for the permit, including cost. For more information visit our Permit page. All other members are ineligible for an annual base lot parking permit but are eligible for the following parking permits: afternoon, night, Flex, park & ride, moped, and motorcycle.

  2. Form a carpool: A carpool is defined as two or more UW employees who qualify for parking on campus that choose to drive to campus in a single vehicle on a daily (or near-daily) basis.. Students are not eligible. The best way to form a carpool is to register as a rider or driver (or both) at Rideshare Etc. Another good bet is to ask coworkers or neighbors if they would be interested in the benefits of carpooling. Transportation Services cannot suggest matches.

  3. Register your carpool.

  4. Enjoy the benefits! See below for details.
  • Carpools permits are available to carpools of three or more members.

  • Carpool permits are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Waitlists are formed thereafter.

  • Carpool permits are available in the following lots.

    Lot 6 - Helen C. White Garage
    Lot 7 - Grainger Hall Garage
    Lot 17 - Engineering Drive Ramp
    Lot 29 - North Park Street Ramp
    Lot 34 - Tripp Hall
    Lot 36 - Observatory Drive Ramp
    Lot 46 - Lake & Johnson Ramp
    Lot 60 - 800 Walnut Street
    Lot 62 - Veterinary Medicine / Natatorium
    Lot 76 - University Bay Ramp

  • Apply for a carpool permit.

  • After you submit your application you will be contacted with further instructions.

  • You will be notified of our application status before the annual base lot offers are sent.

Carpool Benefits

  • Six (6) complimentary daily parking passes each year per carpool member. For use when the main permit is unavailable or a member cannot ride in the carpool that day
  • Share permit cost.
  • Share gas and car costs. The average commuter who drives 16 miles one-way to work in a vehicle with average fuel economy will spend about $1,300 per year in gas alone! Add vehicle depreciation, maintenance, insurance and other costs and your car commute costs you thousands every year.
  • Emergency Ride Home Program

Carpool Member Changes

  • To add or remove a carpool member or to cancel the carpool you must email the Commuter Solutions Team directly and :
    - Include the member's name, email address and campus/hospital ID number
    - To cancel a carpool, include the captain's name and contact information.
  • If you are ending the carpool you must notify us by emailing the Commuter Solutions Team and return your carpool permit to Transportation Services.

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