Park and Bike (or Walk!)

One solution for those who live farther away from campus is to drive part way, park, and bicycle the rest of the commute. Several formal options are available for parking, and some employees make informal arrangements in nearby neighborhoods or parking lots (check local parking requirements).

Please visit the Transportation Services eBusiness portal to purchase Park and Ride permits.

Erdman Park and Ride

The Erdman Park and Bike was a pilot project (at Whitney Way and University Avenue, 2.4 miles from campus) to provide free vehicle parking and secure indoor bike storage for those who wished to pedal the last stretch of their commute. The pilot ran June 1- Nov 1, 2010.

Transportation Services plans to investigate potential future park and bike locations in the long term, but no sites are currently agreed upon.

Madison Metro Free Park and Ride Lots

Commuters, park for FREE and ride Metro to your destination. Complimentary bicycle parking is also available. Madison Metro provides complete and up-to-date route information and schedules on their website. For personalized assistance with route planning, contact our Commuter Solutions Team

  • North Transfer Point

    1213 Huxley St. (167 parking spaces)
    Served by routes 2, 4, 17, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 56, 57
    Lot Closed from 1 AM - 5 AM

  • Dutch Mill

    Hwy. 12 & 18/Hwy. 51 (227 parking spaces)
    Served by routes 11, 12
    Cars may be parked at this lot for 48 hours

  • Northside Towncenter

    Sherman Ave. & Northport Dr.
    Served by: Routes 21, 22, & 29

  • American Center

    East Park Blvd. (141 parking spaces)
    Limited Service Only: Route 25
    Cars may be parked at this lot for 48 hours

  • Verona

    Intersection of US 18/151/Old PB (2565 Old PB Co. Road)
    Served by: Routes 55 and 75
    Cars may be parked at this lot for 48 hours

Lot 202: Park Street and Wingra Drive Park and Ride with Shuttle
Lot 203: University Crossings Park and Ride with Shuttle