Lose the hassle of driving while you save money on gas, vehicle wear and tear, and parking with the Wisconsin State Vanpool program!

Vanpools Defined

Vanpools are groups of 8 to 15 commuters sharing their ride to work in a passenger van that is owned, insured and serviced by the Wisconsin State Vanpool Program. Passengers share the cost of operating the van by paying a fare based on fixed and variable costs, the number of riders, and the number of miles driven.

The fare covers all costs including gas, insurance and van maintenance. If you like to drive, you could commute for for a reduced rate! Individual vanpools determine discounts (up to 10%) as compensation for drivers as stated in the DOA Vanpool Handbook available here..

The vanpool fare is usually much cheaper than driving your own vehicle—especially when you factor in the total cost of owning and operating a car. Most outlying areas offer vanpool options to campus.

Additional Incentives for UW Employees

  • Participants of the state vanpool program will automatically receive the campus base lot assignment requested and one alternate area assignment if needed for a backup driver.
  • Vanpoolers are automatically eligible for an Emergency Ride Home (ERH) in urgent situations.
  • If you like to drive, you could commute at a reduced rate.

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