How to join the UW carpool program

Option 1: Carpool registration

  1. Parking: One member of the carpool must have an annual base lot parking permit. This person is considered the “captain” and is responsible for the permit, including cost. All other members are ineligible for an annual base lot parking permit but are eligible for the following parking permits: afternoon, Flex, park and ride, moped, motorcycle and/or night.
  2. Form a carpool: A carpool is two or more employees (who qualify for parking on campus, including spouses) who drive to campus together in one vehicle on a daily/near daily basis. Students are not eligible. A carpool with three or more members may qualify for a campus carpool permit.
    • The best way to form a carpool is to register as a rider or driver (or both) through RoundTrip. Sign up online, by phone (608-266-RIDE) or by email. Other ridematching websites can be found in the UW Carpool Handout (PDF).
    • Another option is to ask coworkers or neighbors if they would be interested in carpooling. Transportation Services cannot suggest matches.
  3. Register your carpool.
  4. Enjoy the benefits!

Option 2: Carpool permit application

  • Carpools permits are available to carpools of three or more members, as larger carpooling groups have a significant impact on lowering the demand for parking on campus.
  • Carpool permits are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Waitlists are formed thereafter.
  • Carpool permits are available in the following lots (see campus parking maps):
    Lot 6 – Helen C. White Garage
    Lot 7 – Grainger Hall Garage
    Lot 17 – Engineering Drive Ramp
    Lot 29 – North Park Street Ramp
    Lot 34 – Tripp Hall
    Lot 36 – Observatory Drive Ramp
    Lot 46 – Lake & Johnson Ramp
    Lot 60 – 800 Walnut Street
    Lot 76 – University Bay Ramp
  1. Apply for a carpool permit.
  2. You will be contacted with further instructions after completing the application form.
  3. You will be notified of your application status before the annual base lot offers are sent.