Accessible Transportation

Accessible Circulator Shuttle

The Accessible Circulator Shuttle provides on-call and pre-scheduled service between campus buildings for UW employees, students, and visitors with mobility disabilities. Rides are available on a pre-scheduled and on-call basis. There is no fixed shuttle route or an hourly schedule.

For pickup, call:
(608) 890-1352 or

  • Shuttle operates Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. during fall and spring UW class sessions and exam periods. No service on UW holidays, weekends, winter break, spring break or in the summer.
  • The shuttle is a four-door van marked with the UW and vendor (Riteway) logos and is wheelchair accessible. Please contact Riteway at (608) 890-1352 for additional visual descriptors, as vehicle specifics may change.
  • Shuttle service is intended to supplement campus bus and paratransit service for those with mobility issues, whether temporary or permanent. Service is available to UW employees, students, visitors, and affiliates. No pre-registration is required to use this service.

For more more information including a shuttle map and schedule, check out the full Accessible Circulator Shuttle page.

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Accessible Parking Details

Annual UW Accessible Parking Permit (Employees and Students)

The university provides a variety of accessible parking options across campus. Any faculty, staff, or students wishing to park on campus are required to pay for the type of parking they use. The cost for accessible parking is the same for that as standard parking. Transportation Services is authorized to charge for parking under State Statute [346.50(2A)].

A UW Accessible permit allows parking in unreserved permit stalls, unreserved timed parking stalls (30 minutes or greater), and designated disabled stalls anywhere on campus.

Temporary UW Accessible Parking Permit

A temporary UW Accessible permit may be purchased by employees, students, or visitors at any Transportation Services office with written notification from a doctor. The permit is valid for up to two months and will not be extended without a valid State DOT permit.

To purchase the permit, you’ll need to fill out a disabled parking permit application (PDF). This can be done ahead of time or in office at the time of purchase.

Accessible Moped Parking

UW accessible moped permits are available for mopeds like UW accessible permits are available for cars. Refer to the ADA/accessible parking policy for restrictions. Temporary permits (up to two months) are available for a fee with a letter from physician. Annual permits are available with a Department of Transportation (DOT) permit and by paying the annual moped permit fee. Permits are valid only in moped stalls in any moped lot on campus. An accessible moped permit may be requested at any Transportation Services office. Check the moped page for full moped details.

Visitor Accessible Parking

DOT disabled permits or DIS and VET DIS plates may park in accessible/disabled stalls (unless signs indicate UW Accessible/Disabled permits are required) and timed parking or meter stalls (30 minutes or greater) without paying an additional fee. See the Wisconsin DOT website for more information on DOT disabled permits.

Check the lots that have DOT accessible stalls on the lot stall types page, as well as on the accessible (disabled) parking map. During the work week before 4:30 p.m., accessible stalls are almost only available in gated lots (ramps/garages). Certain surface lots become available on weekday evenings and throughout the entire weekend. See when lots may be available on the lot locations and hours page.

Coming for a special event like a Badger game? Check out the event parking page and the events calendar to see what lots are available for certain events. Certain lots are reserved for accessible parking during big events.

Real-time visitor stall counts are monitored for gated UW garages/ramps. The inventory does not indicate specifically if DOT stalls are available in the lots, only visitor parking in general. Real-time visitor parking availability page

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Accessible Parking Help Center

Find answers to our top questions about accessible parking at UW-Madison.

Accessible Parking Help Center


Accessible Transit

For more general bus information, see the bus page. The information below specifically pertains to available accessibility transit options.

Campus Area Paratransit Service

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 requires public transit agencies to provide paratransit service to persons with disabilities who cannot access the public transit system due to their disability. Paratransit service complements the same area and hours of the city bus system. Riders must fill out an Madison Metro application and be a registered paratransit rider to use this service.

A UW accessible circulator shuttle also serves campus. Learn more about the accessible circulator shuttle

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Accessible Pedestrian Routes

Other Accessibility Resources

UW resources

Non-university resources

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