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Lots with 2021-22 permit availability

The 2021-22 parking year is Sept. 1, 2021 – Aug. 31, 2022.

Applications for 2021-22 parking permits are closed. Those still on a 2021-22 wait list will remain on their respective list(s) as offers are processed biweekly through June.

Remaining permit options for this parking year are available for instant purchase in the eBusiness purchasing portal*. This includes base lot, park and ride, Flex, motorcycle, moped, afternoon, and night permits. If a permit or lot option is not listed, it is not available. All products are available at a prorated cost.

*Those who already hold a 2021-22 base lot, Flex, or park and ride permit must visit a Transportation Services office to exchange their permit for one of the available permit options. You will be unable to see permit availability in the eBusiness portal if you already hold one of the aforementioned permit types.

“Buy it now” permits
Permits listed are base lot permits unless otherwise noted. Limited availability; purchase in the eBusiness portal (see exception above).
Updated 6/3/2022

Lot # Location 21-22 Annual Rate** Campus Area
Flex 29
N. Park Street Ramp Base lot – $1323
Flex – Pay-per-use
Flex 34
Tripp Hall Base lot – $925
Flex – Pay-per-use
Flex 46
Lake & Johnson Ramp Base lot – $1323
Flex – Pay-per-use
Flex 60
801 Walnut Street Base lot – $925
Flex – Pay-per-use
Flex 76
University Bay Drive Ramp Base lot – $1323
Flex – Pay-per-use
131 University Bay Fields $925 West
202 Park & Wingra Park and Ride $292 Park and ride
203 University Crossing Park and Ride $292 Park and ride

**Rates are prorated throughout the parking year

2022-23 permit applications

The 2022-23 parking year is Sept. 1, 2022 – Aug. 31, 2023.

Parking applications for 2022-23 are open as of May 19, 2022. Read the news announcement

Additional information about summer application deadlines and offer dates will be available soon. The first round of offers will be sent via email in mid-July.

Applications are processed several times during the summer (prior to the start of the new parking year) and approximately every two weeks during the academic year.

If you are applying for a base lot, Flex, reduced cost, UW Disabled, park and ride, or business alternate permit, please apply by late July to mid-August to maximize your chance of receiving a permit offer before September 1.

Please note there is no guarantee an offer may be made to you. You will receive an offer email only when a permit can be made available to you, otherwise you are on a waitlist.