Annual Permit Availability

Lots with 2021-22 permit availability

The 2021-22 parking year is Sept. 1, 2021 – Aug. 31, 2022.

Parking offers are processed approximately every two weeks throughout the parking year. The next round of offers will be October 13 and 27.

Below is a rough guide to what lots have permit availability after the last round of offers. You are able to apply for lot and permit types not seen on the list below, but will likely be placed on a waitlist.

Please note there is no guarantee an offer may be made to you. You will receive an offer email only when a permit can be made available to you, otherwise you are on a waitlist.

Permit availability 
Base lot permits unless otherwise noted.
Updated 10/14/2021

Lot # Location 21-22 Annual Rate** Campus Area
Flex 46
Lake & Johnson Ramp Base lot – $1323
Flex – Pay-per-use
Flex 67 Linden Drive Garage Pay-per-use West
Flex 91
East of Kohl Center Base lot – $925
Flex – Pay-per-use
94 Art Lofts $925 Southeast
131 University Bay Fields $925 West
202 Park & Wingra Park and Ride $292 Park and ride
203 University Crossing Park and Ride $292 Park and ride

**Rates are prorated throughout the parking year