Park and Ride

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Pedestrians walk along Linden Drive as a Madison Metro Bus navigates the roadway Feb. 19, 2007 on the campus of UW-Madison.

UW park and ride permits are a low-cost option for employees to park off campus and use alternative forms of transportation to get the rest of the way to campus. One park and ride location is currently available:

Lot 202 is serviced by a park and ride shuttle that drops off at designated stops around campus. A UW park and ride permit is required to use the shuttle.

Find permit information and how to apply on the permit types and information page. Park and ride permit rules and additional details can be found in the park and ride policy.

For questions about Lot 202 park and ride shuttle service, call the Badger Park and Ride Supervisor at (608) 310-4864.

All other questions or comments about UW park and ride shuttle service should be sent to

Park for free and ride Madison Metro to your destination. Complimentary bicycle parking is also available. Check the Madison Metro website for complete and up-to-date park and ride lot details, route information, and service schedules.

  • Dutch Mill
    Hwy. 12 & 18/Hwy. 51
    227 parking spaces
    Served by Route L
    West lot: 7-day parking limit for all stalls not marked as 30-minute
    East lot: Daily parking in the northern rows closest to Metro bus stop. 7-day parking in remaining rows.
  • Sun Prairie
    Reiner Rd. and O’Keeffe Ave. South of Reiner Rd. Hwy 151 exit.
    73 parking spaces
    Served by Routes A, S, and W
  • American Center
    East Park Blvd.
    141 parking spaces
    Route A stops one block to the west of this location on American Pkwy.
    Vehicles may remain parked at this lot for 48 hours
  • Verona
    Intersection of US 18/151/Old PB (2565 Old PB Co. Road)
    Served by Routes 55 and 75
    Cars may remain parked at this lot for 48 hours

Madison Metro employee bus passes

The above park-and-rides are served by Madison Metro bus routes.

UW and UW affiliate employees may be eligible for a discounted employee bus pass. See the campus and city bus routes page for additional bus information.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) manages the following locations, which provide free parking. Madison Metro does not serve these lots, but they make good carpool meeting spots or bike hubs. For more details visit the DOT’s Park and Ride page.