Citation Information

How to make citation payments

Pay online

Pay online – eBusiness Portal

Credit/debit payments accepted from MasterCard, Visa, Amex, and Discover.

Pay in person

Visit one of the Transportation Services offices to make your payment in person.

Pay by mail

Mail your check or money order (made out to “UW Transportation Services”) to:

University of Wisconsin – Madison
Transportation Services
610 Walnut Street
Room 124
Madison, WI 53726

How to appeal a citation

  • See the citation appeal policy before appealing.
  • Appeal online – eBusiness Portal
    Citations must be appealed online no later than 10 calendar days after the date the citation was issued. Citations after that time are considered invalid and will not be accepted. If you are not able to appeal online for some reason, you may fill out a paper citation appeal at any of our offices within the same period.
  • For auditing purposes, we do not discuss appeals over the phone or in person.
  • A cash bond in the amount of the citation or payment must be submitted with the citation appeal. Appeals will not be accepted without payment. (“Guests” may need to log in to their account again–after paying bond–to submit an appeal.)
    • Those with a valid UW Wiscard/UW Health ID or affiliate ID may submit a first level appeal without bond payment.
  • An administrative review of a citation will be completed within four weeks (30 days) of receipt of a valid appeal. If the citation is upheld, the bond amount will be forfeited. If the citation is dismissed, the bond amount will be refunded.

Important appeal information

When submitting a citation appeal you must provide a defense. Circumstances not considered valid for an appeal include:

  • Couldn’t find a legal parking space.
  • Didn’t know policies or regulations.
  • Didn’t see posted restrictions.
  • Couldn’t find a convenient parking space.
  • Had four-way flashers on.
  • Didn’t have money or change.
  • Didn’t have enough time to park properly.
  • Just “dropping off” or “standing” for a short time.
  • Will never do it again.
  • Left a note. (Any malfunctions, problems or questions must be called into the office.)

Summary of violations and fees

For the most current citation rates and an up-to-date listing of potential violations please visit the rates and policies page.

Violation Description
Improper display Vehicle tow / Large vehicle tow fee
Overtime parking in timed stall Double permit (parking 2 vehicles on campus at one time)
No permit / Flex No Pay Altered, counterfeit, or unauthorized use of permit (annual)
Invalid/missing license plate Altered, counterfeit, or unauthorized use of permit (temporary)
No parking / Improper Parking / Reserved Special Events Parking in disabled (HC) stall without proper authorization
Fee Description
Late penalty fee (for citations not paid within 10 days of issuance)
Suspension fee (for citations not paid within 30 days of issuance)

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Vehicle Towing

Any vehicle towed will go to our contracted tow vendor’s lot. All towed vehicles will accumulate daily storage fees ($45 a day) from the vendor. If the vehicle is picked up the same day as the tow, there is no storage fee.

Current tow vendor:
University Towing Service
4910 Meinders Road
McFarland, WI 53558
(608) 665-3203

Exceptions: during home Badger football games, towed vehicles are taken to Lot 59 (2125 Observatory Drive). During WIAA tournaments hosted at the Kohl Center, towed vehicles are taken to Lot 60 (800 Walnut Street).

  • Vehicles are subject to towing and impoundment if:
    • the vehicle has $100 or more in unpaid citations (30 days or more past due).
    • the vehicle is parked on campus with an altered, counterfeit or stolen permit. If a permit is found to be altered, counterfeit or stolen, it will be removed by the towing company and UW Transportation Services will take ownership of the altered, counterfeit, or stolen permit.
  • All citations and towing fees due to UW Transportation Services must be paid prior to the vehicle being released to the registered owner. Cash or credit cards can be used to pay fines. No checks accepted.
    • Payment can be made at the Transportation Services WARF office or University Towing Service during business hours. After business hours or on weekends, payments must be made by visiting University Towing Service; call (608) 665-3203 for details. University Towing Services accepts cash payments only.
  • Vehicles that have been towed for an invalid or missing license plate will be held until the owner can show proof of registration to Transportation Services.
  • Storage fees owed to University Towing Service must be paid in cash at time of release.

The following is a list of occurrences that may result in the towing of a vehicle. Towable violations are not limited to these circumstances.

  • Blocking fire lanes.
  • Parking in loading zone (25 minute) more than 75 minutes and receiving three consecutive citations.
  • Blocking vehicle or pedestrian traffic ways.
  • Parking in no parking zones where hazards exist.
  • Abandoned vehicles or unauthorized vehicles in a permit area.
  • Altering or making a counterfeit UW parking permit.
  • Parking in a reserved stall or disabled stall/access aisle.
  • Parking that impedes progress of necessary maintenance projects (snow removal, paving, etc.)
  • Parking illegally in a designated tow-zone (all of campus is tow zone).
  • Parking illegally with outstanding parking citations ($100 or more and 30+ days past due).
  • Parking illegally with license or vehicle identification number covered, unreadable, or missing.
  • Tows may be performed if your vehicle is leaking gas, oil, antifreeze, etc., or your vehicle is in the way of unforeseen danger, i.e., flood waters, etc.
  • After 72 hours, Transportation Services will conduct a check on the registered owner of the vehicle to verify their well being.
  • Vehicles determined to be abandoned are towed at owner’s expense and impounded. Owners may have to show registration to release the car.
  • Owner is responsible for storage fees.

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