Driving a car to–and parking on–campus can be a headache, not to mention expensive! With carsharing, you can choose to leave your car at home without giving up access to a vehicle during the workday.


Zipcar is on the UW–Madison campus! Discounted personal memberships are available for UW students, staff and faculty and UW Health employees. Join today!

For vehicle locations, individual membership information, and to sign up, visit the Zipcar website.

UW–Madison departmental Zipcar membership

Zipcar is UW-Madison’s carsharing partner. They provide cars for short term rental by the hour or day, with gas and insurance included. UW departments can sign up for departmental Zipcar memberships and allow their (state-driver approved) employees to reserve and use Zipcars for work purposes. Rental charges can then directed to the department, rather than the employee.

Note: departmental rental rates vary from rates for personal individual rentals and, in general, are slightly higher due to the cost of the damage waiver being included.

Please only fill out the Departmental Zipcar Membership Application if you have been approved by your department to be the departmental Zipcar administrator. If you have not been approved as such, contact leadership in your department regarding establishing a Zipcar departmental account and designating a departmental Zipcar administrator to fill out the application.

  • If you are interested in your department having a departmental Zipcar membership, approach decision-makers in your department with the proposal. The department must designate a central contact person for the departmental account (the departmental Zipcar administrator), ideally someone with pro-card access and/or purchasing authority. Before requesting a departmental Zipcar administrator be designated, please check the list below to see if one already exists for your department.
  • Once a departmental Zipcar administrator has been designated, that person should fill out the application to request official approval from Transportation Services. Transportation Services will contact that person to assure the departmental Zipcar administrator understands and agrees to follow the departmental Zipcar use and administration guidelines.
  • If approved as departmental Zipcar administrator, Transportation Services will forward that person’s contact information to Zipcar.
  • Zipcar will contact the departmental Zipcar administrator to set up the account and communicate additional information regarding the reservation process, driver approvals, acquiring membership cards and payment.
  • After account setup is completed, the departmental Zipcar administrator can approve drivers to apply for use of the Zipcars under the departmental account. Those employees then apply for Zipcar memberships under the departmental account via a special web link, and will be mailed membership cards. Those drivers can then reserve and use the Zipcars for business purposes.

Departmental Zipcar administrators

Department Administrator Phone Email
Business Services Pam Frederick 608-262-1096
Department of Astronomy Daniela Aguilar 715-513-9726
Dermatology Research Megan Maguire 608-261-1878
Grainger Engineering Design Innovation Lab Lennon Rodgers 608-354-1614
Morgridge Center for Public Service Dean Ladwig 608-890-3590
UW Survey Center Magda Danielson 608-890-0111
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Diwakar Karuppiah 267-809-7022

UW Health Hospital fleet vehicle reservation

(Note: available to UWHC employees only.) If you’re in a pinch and need a work vehicle, hospital vehicles can be reserved for $3 per hour. Costs charged directly to your department. Hospital fleet information available via U-Connect.

UW-Madison fleet vehicle reservation

Vehicles available in half-day and full-day reservation capacities. More information available on the UW fleet reservation information page.