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How parking works at UW

If you plan to drive to work, please keep in mind that parking on campus is limited. Most of the time, a UW parking permit is required for regular parking on the UW-Madison campus.

Recommended parking permits for employees with standard first-shift schedules

Permits for parking on or near campus during peak hours include annual base lot permits, Flex permits, park and ride permits, carpool permits, and UW-Accessible permits. These permits allow parking during standard first-shift weekday hours when demand for parking is highest. Most peak-hour permits may also be used to park on campus during off-peak hours.

Motorcycle and moped permits are also available for on-campus parking during peak hours.

Things to note:

  • Applications are required for annual base lot, Flex, UW-Accessible, carpool, and park and ride permits.
  • Applying for parking does not guarantee that you will receive a parking permit offer. Annual base lot, Flex, and park and ride permits are offered based on availability, and applicants may be placed on a waiting list. Offers for these permit types are made multiple times throughout the summer, and about every two weeks after September 1.
  • UW-Accessible permits are available with the required documentation.
  • Carpool permits are given priority during the application process and bypass the waiting list.

Recommended parking options for second and third shift employees

  • Afternoon and night permits allow parking in select campus lots or garages in the afternoon, evening, nights, and weekends. Afternoon and night permits do not require an application.
  • You may park without a UW parking permit in unsigned (unreserved) permit stalls from 4:30 p.m. – 7 a.m. and all day Saturday & Sunday in Lots 4, 19, 26, 34, 37, 39, 40, 41, 45, 54, 56, 58, 59, 60, 64, 82, and 94. These lots may sometimes be reserved for special events.
  • For more second and third shift commute options, please download the Second and Third Shift Commute Options brochure (PDF).

Not sure where to start? Try the interactive permit selection guide to receive custom permit recommendations.

Need help figuring out your transportation options? We have a dedicated team of commuting experts to help you navigate all parking and commute options. Complete a custom route planning request form for a free consultation.

Before applying, use these resources to learn more about parking permit options:

UW employees and UW Health employees have a slightly different process to apply for parking.

Applications for annual base lot, Flex, and park and ride permits are processed multiple times throughout the summer, and every two weeks throughout the year. Waiting lists can be long, and offers are not guaranteed. If you don’t receive an offer by September 1, or if you applied after September 1, be sure to make alternate commuting arrangements while waiting for an offer. Some options:

Permit offers are sent by email approximately every two weeks. You will only be contacted if/when an offer can be made to you. You will remain on the waitlist until you receive an emailed offer.

When you receive an offer, it will contain a link to the eBusiness purchasing portal.

Log in to eBusiness with your NetID.

When checking out, select your parking permit assignment from the list of options.

If you are purchasing an annual base lot or UW-Accessible permit, you can choose to pay in full or by payroll deduction (if eligible). Please note that payroll deductions are not refundable

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