Additional moped operation information

Moped laws:

  • It is illegal for mopeds to operate on sidewalks and/or in bike lanes.
  • Mopeds are subject to all traffic laws, just like any other motor vehicle.
  • Drivers must possess a valid driver’s license to operate a moped. You must obey traffic signals and stop signs, yield to pedestrians and slow down in school zones.
  • It is illegal in Wisconsin for a moped to carry a passenger. Moped operators can be ticketed by UWPD for driving with a passenger.
  • The City of Madison moped ordinance (effective Jan. 1, 2018) prohibits moped parking on sidewalks and terrace areas. Details available on the City’s Parking Utility site.

Where can I drive my moped?

  • On roads where the speed limit is 25 mph or less, two mopeds may operate side-by-side if both riders agree.
  • On roads where the speed limit is more than 25 mph, mopeds must ride single file.
  • On roads with two or more lanes in each direction, mopeds must operate in the right lane except when turning left.

Do I need to register my moped?

All mopeds must be properly registered and licensed in order to purchase a UW permit. Check with the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for additional information.

If you sell your moped, you need to report the sale to the DMV within 30 days. Failure to report a sale may mean you are held responsible for citations incurred by the new owner. Be sure to get a bill of sale and keep it for your records.

What are the parking fines for moped violations?

See parking violation section and rates page for details.

Think your moped has been towed from UW-Madison property?

See the towed vehicle section for information on what to do and where to go.