Student Parking Pre-Approval Application

Who should use this form?

  • Undergraduate students who meet eligibility criteria to apply for an annual base lot permit or UW Accessible permit.
  • Graduate students without a UW or UW-affiliated employment appointment, or with an appointment classified as “student help” who want to apply for an annual base lot or UW Accessible permit. (This includes reduced cost permits.)

Who should not use this form?

The information in this form will be used by Transportation Services to assess eligibility to apply for a base lot parking permit. If you are eligible, you will be contacted with instructions on how to apply.

<< Student parking FAQ (PDF)
<< Student parking program information

Undergraduate student eligibility criteria

You must meet at least one of these criteria to be considered for the student parking program.

  • Students with a valid, state-issued disabled placard or plate.
  • Students commuting one mile beyond the limits of the Metro Transit system.
  • Working students using their vehicle at least three times a week for employment off campus. A signed letter from the employer listing work hours on business letterhead is required.
  • Students with unusual or unique needs. Justification is required.

Applications lacking the proper documentation or information will be denied. Not all applicants will receive an offer. All citations or other unpaid fees due to UW Transportation Services must be paid prior to receiving a parking permit.