Student Parking Pre-Approval Application

Only submit this form after reviewing all the necessary information from the student parking page, especially the Student Parking FAQ (PDF). This form is only required for annual base lot parking permit requests. Note: filling out this application will not grant you a parking permit: instead, it may qualify you to apply for a permit.

Graduate and professional students: if you are not employed by UW-Madison, or if your UW employment is classified by HR as “student help,” use this form to begin the process of applying for a reduced cost annual base lot permit. Undergraduate students are not eligible for reduced cost annual parking permits.

You may be added to the waitlist if you qualify for a permit. Please be aware that waiting lists can be very long.

Any application lacking the proper documentation or information will be denied. Not all applicants will receive an offer. All citations or other unpaid fees due to UW Transportation Services must be paid prior to receiving a parking permit.

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