Accessible Circulator Shuttle

Image of the accessible circulator shuttle vehicle -- a black van with the UW-Madison logo in white and black and the vendor's logo on the vehicle's doors.
Image of the accessible circulator shuttle vehicle — a black van with the UW-Madison logo in white and black and the vendor’s logo on the vehicle’s doors.

The UW accessible circulator shuttle provides on-call and pre-scheduled service between campus buildings. The service is free for UW employees, students, and visitors with mobility disabilities and other mobility issues, whether permanent or temporary. No pre-registration is required.

Operating hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. during fall and spring UW class sessions and exam periods. No service on UW holidays, weekends, winter break, spring break, or in the summer.

Learn more about how to use the accessible circulator shuttle.

Schedule a Ride

For pick-up at a UW campus building, call
(608) 890-1352 or email

Schedule a Ride

Shuttle Status

For questions about a scheduled ride, or if your ride did not arrive, call
(608) 890-1352 or email

 Check Status

Give Feedback

Contact Transportation Services with general feedback about accessible circulator shuttle service.

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Vehicle Information

Photo of the UW campus accessible circulator shuttle vehicle. The shuttle is a black van with the UW-Madison logo in white and black and the vendor's logo on the vehicle's doors.

The accessible shuttle is a four-door van marked with the UW and Riteway logos. The van is wheelchair accessible via a ramp.

The accessible shuttle is equipped with securements for wheelchairs. Click the link for a slideshow of photos of the securement area.

Please contact Riteway at (608) 890-1352 or for additional visual descriptors, as vehicle specifics may change.

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How to Ride the Accessible Circulator Shuttle

The accessible circulator shuttle provides on-call and pre-scheduled service. There is no regular fixed route, so you must call ahead to schedule a ride. Pre-scheduling recurring rides is recommended.

To get started, call (608) 890-1352 or email to schedule a ride in advance, or set up recurring rides.

  • Submit your ride request as far in advance as possible, or at least one hour before your desired pickup time.
  • Request pick-up and drop-off at any UW campus building within the shuttle service boundary. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for service boundary information.
  • When calling, please provide your name, a call-back phone number, pick-up address, and desired pick-up time. Please tell the dispatcher if you require a ramp and/or tie-downs for mobility equipment.
  • Your desired pick-up time must be within a 20 minute window (10 minutes before and 10 minutes after your desired time). Be aware that it may take up to 30 minutes after your pickup time to be dropped off at your destination.
  • Please provide any instructions about boarding assistance you may need when it comes time to board the vehicle.

Schedule a Ride

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  • If you provide an email address when you call to schedule a ride, you will receive emailed confirmation that your ride has been scheduled.
  • If you provide a mobile phone number, you will receive a text notification when your ride is on the way.

Shuttle Tracking

Track real-time shuttle locations at or with the “Here Comes the Bus” app.

Here Comes the Bus app setup instructions:

  • Use school code 29011 to create an account.
  • On the home screen, tap “Students” and then “Add Student.”
  • Enter shuttle for the last name, and 1848 for the school code.
  • Tap the compass icon next to “Shuttle Shuttle,” then “Add Activity.”
  • Tap the magnifying class in the search field. The UW Accessible Circulator Shuttle will appear.
  • Tap “Add Selected Activity.”
  • Select the map from the app’s home screen to locate the shuttles.

Or, you can track the shuttles from an internet browser following account setup instructions:

  • Use school code 29011 to create an account.
  • Click the “My Account” tab.
  • Click “Add” in the My Students box.
  • Enter shuttle for the last name, and 1848 in the Student ID field.
  • Click the “Activities” tab and then “Add Activity.”
  • Click the field under “Search for Activities.” Don’t type anything – just press “Enter.”
  • The UW Accessible Circulator Shuttle will appear. Click “Add.”
  • Click the “Map” tab to locate the shuttles.

Download PDF versions of the above instructions:

Tracker App Setup Instructions Tracker Website Setup Instructions

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  • When the shuttle approaches, signal to the driver your interest to board if you are able. The driver will exit the vehicle and do a brief check for riders.
  • If you’re concerned you could be passed, call the Riteway dispatcher at (608) 890-1352 to inform them where you will be waiting so the driver can find you.
  • Please let the driver know if you require boarding assistance, and if you have any other instructions regarding your wheelchair or other mobility equipment.
  • Upon boarding the shuttle, inform the driver of your destination.
  • The shuttle will pick up and drop off as close to your destination as is legally possible.

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If a ride does not arrive as expected, please call Riteway at (608) 890-1352. Calls are forwarded until a live person answers.

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Shuttle Boundary Map

Map showing boundaries of UW accessible circulator shuttle.
Click map to enlarge.

Accessible circulator shuttle boundaries are Lake Mendota to the north between Walnut Street to N. Frances Street, Marsh Drive to the north of the UW Hospital (passing in front of the Nielsen Tennis Stadium), University Bay Drive to the west, Campus Drive to the south between University Bay Drive and Lathrop Street, and Regent Street to the south between Lathrop Street and Frances Street.

For service to non-campus buildings or locations outside the shuttle boundary, qualifying customers can register for Madison Metro Paratransit Service. Click the button below for more information about Metro Paratransit service.

Madison Metro Paratransit Website

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