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UW departments can request parking validations to provide to guests. Validations cover costs of hourly visitor parking in UW campus garages. Hourly visitor parking is first-come, first-served.

Validations can be used in any UW campus garage where hourly visitor parking is available, except if the garage is already reserved for special event parking.

Half-day and full-day parking validations are available.

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How to Request Validations

Complete the form below to request validations. Allow two weeks for processing.

UW departments must provide a Transportation Services cost center number (TS#) with the validation request.

In-Person Pick-up

Validations orders must be picked up at a Transportation Services office. Use the request form to specify the location where you will pick up the validations.

Validation Costs

There is no up-front cost to request validations.

Departments are charged after guests use the validations to park. The purchasing department will be charged the actual hourly parking cost.

  • Half-day validations cover up to four hours of visitor parking.
  • Full-day validations cover up to the daily visitor maximum.

For current rates in parking facilities, go to the rates page.

Valid Locations

Validations can be used in these campus parking garages, unless the garage is reserved for another special event.

  • Lot 7 (Grainger Hall Garage)
  • Lot 17 (Engineering Drive Ramp)
  • Lot 20 (University Avenue Ramp)
  • Lot 27 (Nancy Nicholas Hall Garage)
  • Lot 29 (North Park Street Ramp)
  • Lot 36 (Observatory Drive Ramp)
  • Lot 46 (Lake & Johnson Ramp)
  • Lot 63 (Children’s Hospital Ramp)
  • Lot 67 (Linden Drive Garage)
  • Lot 75 (UW Hospital Ramp)
  • Lot 76 (University Bay Dr. Ramp)
  • Lot 80 (Union South Garage)
  • Lot 83 (Fluno Center Garage)

Find these locations on the interactive campus map.

How to Use Validations

Guests will pull a ticket on entry to the parking facility. Departments provide the validation to the guest. In order to exit, guests scan their parking ticket, and then scan the validation to apply payment.

Download a printable flyer showing how to use validations.

For other questions, please email

Rules and Restrictions

  • Validations are not valid in a lot already reserved for special event parking.
  • Validations do not guarantee parking space will be available for guests. Parking can be reserved in advance with a Value Permit.
  • Validations may not be used to pay for employee parking.
  • Validations may only be used once.
  • Guests who do not have a validation must pay to exit the lot.
  • Guests must pay the costs for any portion of a parking session not covered by the validation.

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Go Paperless! 

We also offer an electronic validation system, FlexVal.

Download our informational flyer.