Material transport on Madison Metro buses

The research and medical functions of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the UW Hospital require occasional material transport across campus. Madison Metro restricts, and may deny, the transport of any item on its buses. Materials Metro generally restricts includes, but is not limited to: flammable liquids; dangerous, toxic or poisonous substances; storage batteries; vessels containing caustic materials, chemicals, acids or alkalis; fishing rods which are not broken down or have unsecured or exposed hooks or lures; ski poles unless secured to skis or have tip covers; sheet glass and sharp objects. Metro may also deny transport of any other item the driver perceives as hazardous. To reduce the likelihood of UW research materials that are not infectious or do not otherwise present a safety threat being rejected for transport on Metro buses, Transportation Services has implemented the Metro bus material transport policy.

Please use the Metro Bus Material Transport Label (PDF) when transporting such materials.

Campus bus and accessible transportation study

In 2018 and 2013, transportation consultants completed studies of the UW-Madison on-campus accessible transportation and campus bus services.

Transportation Services will reference the recommendations and may use for future implementation, as appropriate.